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  1. just from past experience you cannot drive the car if rego is not in your name (NSW laws) unless you are actively driving it to the registration office or home from the sale, the reason for this is the CTP green slip will not be in your name (I copped a fine for driving an uninsured vehicle). It might change once you get back to SA but I'd be changing rego over as soon as possible, but from memory you have 14 days from the time the seller hands in the notice of disposal before you have to register the car in your name. This is however all NSW information so it may not be entirely relevant to SA laws.
  2. Libery GT service questions

    Cheers for the reply mate, I still haven't had time to do the service on the thing but at least that will help
  3. What tools do you use everyday?

    ^^ I'll second that, I went out last weekend and bought some of my tools, ended up getting a head lamp, a breaker bar, some new pliers and a screw driver set. Looked at a few air compressors and rattle guns but ended up not getting one. but I could have very easily just spent every cent
  4. Hi Guys Firstly I'm sorry if this has been covered somewhere but I've been searching for the last 2 hours and cannot find anything, I recently bought an 06 liberty GT and I want to do a service on it, I just wanted to find out what spark plugs to use? what oil is recommended? and how much oil? I unfortunately do not have the manual as the book was stolen, also if anyone has a link to a pdf or somewhere online that has a service manual similar to the ones available for silvias that would be great cheers guys
  5. Car in a container

    I work in logistics and have had to deal with shipping a few containers with cars in and I know for freight we have to seal the car up pretty well as the containers tend to get pretty humid and with salt water from sea freight can cause major issues with rust and everything, also as mentioned above the tempreature gets seriously hot in those things, upwards of 65 degrees or more which tends to crack the plastics and stuff in them as well. usually we'll ship a car in a air conditioned container but running one of those for a weekend car would cost you heaps, I reckon you would be better off trying to knock up a canvas tent or something to house it in cos it's a pain to get the car in and out of the container
  6. What tools do you use everyday?

    At least someone agrees with me thanks Truck, I do hundreds of wires working on speakers and computers all the time.. not sure why I haven't bothered buying a new pair yet, probably just laziness on my part
  7. What tools do you use everyday?

    haha, nah I had a great pair a few years back which made life so much easier, no idea where they went though
  8. What tools do you use everyday?

    well so far I've managed to come up with a pretty decent / expensive tools list for me to waste my pay cheque on this weekend haha Rattle gun head lamp multi meter new torque wrench breaker bar maybe new 1/4" sockets and if I've got some money left I'll get a wire stripper and crimper who needs savings anyway right? it's all about the bottemless pit that is a nissan oh and last thing I'll need is about 1 million zip ties haha
  9. What car to get?

    That's exactly why I bought one for my daily haha
  10. What car to get?

    If you're looking for a daily driver get liberty B4 or WRX, great cars to drive and still have a bit of power if you need it just my 2 cents
  11. What tools do you use everyday?

    yeah +1 to not getting cheap tools, I had a cheap socket set a few years back and it was the worst thing I've ever bought, a head torch is a great idea, I've just been using a movable light which is about 75w and blinds the f**k out of you if you look right at it haha, I do plan on getting into fabrication work, not just for the car but I make speakers and stands as well so just how handy is having a welder? some great suggestions guys cheers heaps!
  12. What tools do you use everyday?

    Actually yeah a good multi meter would be a great idea, any specific brands you guys would use?
  13. What tools do you use everyday?

    an air ratchet and yeah definitely going to get myself a 1/2 to 1/4" drive adapter, been meaning to get one for ages, my 1/4" sockets are useless though so probably need some new ones. I've thought about a big hammer but I've got a decent rubber mallet so I can't imagine I'd need more than that.
  14. What tools do you use everyday?

    yeah gotta get me a few spare sets of those haha
  15. What tools do you use everyday?

    A tig welder would be handy if I knew how to weld haha, for the moment I'm only planning on doing the work mentioned above but we all know what happens once you start upgrading a few parts. All good suggestions so far though cheers guys