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    92 sw20 mr2 turbo
  1. Price : $20 Condition : Used s13/180sx centre ashtray excellent nick $20 personal steering wheel. completely round. little worn $20 rb26 ecu r32GTR $50 rb26 cam cover braided hoses with blue earls fittings $40 t28 snorkel from turbo to hot pipe with vaccum nipple fitted for boost gauge etc $25 s13 rear sr20 non turbo brakes (disks, hubs, calipers and handbrake cables) $40 and a bucket load of rx4 coupe parts if anyone needs anything oh and 13b j port/monter port end plates sms 0401730357
  2. jasma muffler $40 - $40

    Price : $40 Condition : Used jasma muffler would look sick on s13/180, s14, s15 was last on ke70 so has had a small flange welded on. but can be changed back $40
  3. Price : $25 Condition : Used personal steering wheel completely round in decent nick $25
  4. Price : $30 Condition : Used s13/180sx centre ashtray near handbrake in excellent condition $30
  5. Price : $30 Condition : Used $t28 top snorkel (from turbo to hot pipe) has vaccum fitting attached for boost gauge etc $30
  6. Price : $30 Condition : Used got a regency approved cat for sr20 that will bolt to 3 inch exhaust $30
  7. Price : $50 Condition : Used rb26 ecu from r32 gtr $50 rb26 braided cam cover hoses all 3 with blue earls fittings $50 sms 0401730357
  8. Best swb 4x4?

    mq swb!!! love leaf springs lol got a mq shortie with a 308 daily now thats thirsty. good fun though
  9. re wiring 180

  10. re wiring 180

    Anyone wanna re wire my 180 for some coin???? or a mad blowie
  11. I got a like new t28. 550 Ono
  12. hey all just wondering what people think of oz car imports SA??? quality of cars??? do the prices stated on the net include compliance etc? cheers
  13. sorry everyone thought we were a tribute band to el divo.... we called ourselves el davo!!!!!! i aint talkin shit
  14. everyone thought we were opera singers so we just played along all night making up stories lol im the one with hair.
  15. burnt out r33 (maroon)

    i dont no. why do you want a gearbox??? lol.....