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  1. Who's Who of NS - Victoria Hey everyone, not sure if this has been done or not, but seeing as i couldn't find a thread on it, just thought i'd be cool to have a post where we can see who the active users are in NS-vic, their rides, locations and online contact details. So try not spam this thread, limit yourselves to one post each, and make sure u include a pic of yur ride and other details as follows. It'd be cool if we could get this thread stickied, coz its cool to put names to faces, cars and get to know each other. Name: Dan Car: r32 skyline (yes i know its not a sil) Location: Wantirna South / Glen Waverley Email/MSN: dancoco808@hotmail.com ICQ: 21456417 edit: try not to chat in here, keep it to one post with yur details only, and dont forget to post pics. coco6937868.6969097222