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  1. HTC Sensation xl

    Gday Guys. Does anyone know how to get a HTC Sensation XL to support USB host. Looking at using a Camera Control App for my DSLR. HTC Sensation's don't support usb hosting standard supposedly.... Has anyone done anything similar, any help appreciated Cheers
  2. Pink Ping Pong Balls

  3. F/s Work Vsxx's $750 - $750

    Price : $750 Condition : Used Selling these for a mate! So contact him, not myself thanks F/S pair of work vsxx's 18x9.5 +31, with 225/40/18's toyo proxy 4 (bit of camber wear) $750 Contact: Brad Valentine ph - 04 300 33573 located in Adeliade hills
  4. Fabrication Pics Thread

    PWHAAAA need more pics!! Any one got some?
  5. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    rides about as good as your mum
  6. Sr20 na cams

    search harder. Gains are to be had for sure! i believe its all in the exhaust cam
  7. The Nostalgia Thread.

    I miss this..
  8. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    Hatters everywhere. Im so happy i work for toyota! Got Cr Kais and blue steel wheel nuts to go on our demo My Photoshop:
  9. Im thinking of getting The 8cm TD06SL2 W/ Garrett 60-1 or 10cm for My 1jz. looking for 280-300rwkw anyone used that turbo?
  10. Best place for turbo servicing

    2x rebuilds sorry mate.. its twin turbo
  11. Best place for turbo servicing

    Me? Originally my ct12's were there just for a rebuild and steel wheel. Paid $2600 after the rebuild they Straight up leaked oil and blew massive amounts of smoke. took them back waited another month, bolted them back up, still blew smoke and now made a turbo wine from 4000rpm+ another month goes by and its finally sorted... still not really that happy about the whole experience
  12. Best place for turbo servicing

    Got mine done at mtq.. not impressed at all. Back there for the 3rd time for warranty on the turbo rebuild. At least they came through with the back up service...
  13. Raspberry Pi

    Serious Pyro?