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  1. Trance Thread

    so tell me your fave trance tracks. tell me your most preferred DJ. both local, and international. i want download ideas
  2. Blast from the Past!

    was actually Oran Park, was the first Full Lock event held there. i was behind Simon's car in that photo, after the trophy presentation got a few hot laps as passenger, holding on for dear life, no seatbelt, pushing myself down to the floor from the rollcage. he dropped me off the other side of the bridge so i could get some decent photos. sadly, they were all on my ex(psycho)wife's computer. oblivion now. also, been looking for this photo for years! ta!
  3. STOLEN R31 GTS1

    dude, can you delete both your posts?
  4. STOLEN R31 GTS1

    actually, it was me, you lying *milkshake*.
  5. Motivational Posters

  6. SA THREAD - General SA discussion

    lol http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Today-Tonight-Sticker-suit-Nissan-Drift-Turbo-Skids-/280526345767?cmd=ViewItem&pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4150ac5627
  7. Housemate...

    omg, exchange numbers already.
  8. z32 airflow meter

    yeh, to get rid of this after a remap, put the afm in the pipe that runs between the intercooler and the throttle. it will then read a positive pressure 100% of the time, and revs wont drop below idle after taking your foot off it.
  9. Congratulations Ash and BillyE!

    both Ash & Aaliyah are doing well, apparently
  10. Congratulations Ash and BillyE!

    5 pounds 12.5 ounces! lol twice the size of Beau when he was born
  11. Gaurd rolling / lipping

    did he buckle your rear quarters too?
  12. User signature

    I use MS Paint. it's easy, a 5yo can use. also, .png is the best file format. smaller file size than .gif, and same clarity.
  13. User signature

    http://www.pixelcarart.com/index.php?showtopic=32798 plenty of wheels already made here
  14. User signature

  15. User signature

    oh yeh...while i'm here - i can't find a base for an early ke corolla, and don't have anywhere near enough time to make one...it's also true, there are literally hundreds of s13's already made up, you should be able to find something easy enough. there's a bunch of bases here: http://database.mangacars.fr/
  16. User signature

    thats a sedan rear But looks good oh...you mean, like this one
  17. User signature

    lol you want these pics to be accurate? ie primer patches etc?
  18. User signature

    what sort of car? got any pics of your car? i get a fair bit of time these days at work...made this one from a base i found at pca.com
  19. Stable Suspension

    i agree. John from Stables is about the best in the business. +1 stables.
  20. Recommended workshop for rebuild engine

    yeh, i'm steve. 1.5jz. couldn't be that hard. knowing that a 1jz and 2jz are easier rebuilds than 4efte's tells me that it'd be fairly straight forward.
  21. Recommended workshop for rebuild engine

    wow. that's cool.
  22. Auto elec needed (woodville / city area)

    defo reg then. either put a new reg in it, but being internal poses a bit of hardship so it'd be easier to swap the alternator over, problem solvered. definitely no current drain tho?