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  1. hey guys, lets bring this section back to life, who still lifts? hopefully more of us will find more motivation including myself to be more strict with my diet.. what supplements are you taking? protein? preworkout? future goals? been lifting as long as i can remember, started out as a 17yr old skinny kid at 65kgs. Sitting at 95kgs now and looking to start cutting as summer is coming up and need to loose the extra kgs around the waist. Also looking to join up MMA as i enjoy hitting the bag and is great for cardio and stress relief lol So far taking Prosupps Whey protein and Dr.jekyll preworkout/pump (need to stop with the preworkout as its not kicking is a hard anymore) legoooooooooooooooooooo
  2. hi all, max kw from s15 injectots? My 180sx is running all the support mods to reach 200 rwkw just need a set of injectors, would s15 injectors get to 200rwkw? or should i buy a set of 550cc injectors?
  3. max rwkw from s15 injectors?

    yeah i think i will have to, im nearly there once i get the injectors and get Nistune all thats left is tuning. i think ill go with 740cc in case i need more power in the future. i see ur from Vic, same as me, any track days that u know of? keen to go to a track day when the 180sx is up to scratch.....
  4. s15 front seats Melbourne area

    as topic states after a set of s15 front seals, prefer from Melbounre area as i can pick up ASAP. but dont mind postage as well. Let me know.........
  5. Hi guys, eventually when i have all my bolt-ons installed i would like to get the 180sx tuned,get the most out of all the mods, anyone know of any good tuners in Melbourne that specialize in sr20det? Also for ECU im thinking of going Apexi FC? what is it going to cost me to have the car on the dyno and tuned? a rough estimate?
  6. WTB T28 BB in good condition

    Hi All, After a T28 BB in good condition...... Preferably located in Melbourne so i can pick up
  7. Hi Guys, In the process of getting some braided turbo lines for my T28 upgrade, Has anyone fitted up Mamba Turbo braided lines? A lot cheaper than Earls Braided Lines, i know Earls are the best but surely there cant be that much of a difference? Any feedback would be much appreciated......
  8. WTB T28 BB in good condition

    Thanks dude, already sorted, one of the members from here did me a really good deal All sorted, post can be CLOSED
  9. WTB S15 front seats

    Does anyone from Melbourne wanna sell me their S15 front seats? Looking for seats in good condition for my 180sx.....
  10. still lifting bruhhh?

    The kid in the last pic second from the right has a very odd posing position lol
  11. hahha what brand from China? im tossing up between Mamba or auroflow lines????????? $100 bucks difference between the two
  12. You think someone would have done the homework on this and got it right from the start with the length, especially when we are paying top dollar for braided lines... $200 isn't "top dollar" when it costs over $300 in good compoents, then add labour, then add profit. We've got it right but would you pay $450 for a set of top quality braided lines? $200 is very cheap for braided lines, what i am saying is if im paying close to $300 bucks for Earl braided lines, i would like my fittings to last more than 12 months, as seems like people are having problems with Earls lines..... In this day and age everyone is building these cars on a budget as people have families and other expenses, so all im saying is i would like to get what i pay for.....
  13. You think someone would have done the homework on this and got it right from the start with the length, especially when we are paying top dollar for braided lines...
  14. Just found this from Aeroflow: https://www.aeroflow...e.com/af30-1001 Not bad pricing either........ It seems like someone has copied someone has copied someonehas copied someonehas copied someonehas copied someone - like Wizard said we found that straight fittings didn't work and got in the way of everything. If you look a little closer you'll see one of the lines uses a worm clamp lol We ended up custom making them, it costed over $300. Does the Aeroflow seem like a good buy? Or should i take off my turbo get the stock OEM lines and take them in to get matched up to the same length?
  15. Just found this from Aeroflow: https://www.aeroflowperformance.com/af30-1001 Not bad pricing either........
  16. Currently running the most ghetto shit in the land; oem S13/S15 hard lines cut and joined together with silicone hose and host clamps. My ultimate plan is to see if I can flare the cuts and mount a brake-line-style braided hose barb, and replace the silicone with braid. in saying that, I'd say that with better clamps and a nice flare at the end, I could probably keep the silicone. Gets the job done, that's for sure! Lmao sometimes ghetto is best lol ill get the mamba braided lines and see what happens. Spoke with Earls in Sydney this afternoon and they have advised me they do a S13 kit, i believe that a lot of the re sellers must be bringing in stuff that looks like earls and selling it off as genuine parts and thats where the problems is....
  17. man seems like its hard to find quality products these days, im thinking of just getting the Mamba braided lines and see how i go, looks like getting Earls is deff not worth it....
  18. lol even more confused now, but it does not surprise me that they could be counterfeits, seems like everything is these days..... what you currently running in your car? what brand braided lines?
  19. DAMMMM, i think i will bite the bullet and get Earls, The last think i want is a leak after i install it....Thanks Mate Pay the extra $150 for piece of mind.....
  20. Hi all, ill go first.. 30 years old and still own a 180sx I thought about selling it multiple times as i thought i may be getting too old for the import scene but just couldn't get rid of it. Owned the car for about 10 years, has not seen much road time the last few years but i am in the process of doing some more work to it and getting it ready for the occasional track day......
  21. WOW - What happened?

    Exactly the same ! Getting a bit annoying..... This shits me as well. Loz fixx this, There is life back on this siteeeeeeeeeee
  22. How old are u and what import you drive?

    brah, it's Nissan Silvia not Nissan Skyline, Kemp! lmao
  23. Hi All, this might be a dumb questions, but i was wondering when is it time to change the head gasket/timing chain and freshen up the engine, As the 180sx has now done nearly 200,000 ks i was thinking of buying bits and pieces and freshening up the engine or just wait till it shits itself...?
  24. Hi All, So finally got my HDI Electronic Boost Controller and i installed it today, Followed all the steps and it was pretty easy. on the lowest setting car is still boosting to 14psi and if i didn't back of it may have boosted to even more, Do i maybe have a boost leak somewhere? the only thing i can think of is i hooked up the intake pressure line to the same line i have my boost gauge on? Could this be causing the boost spikes?