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  1. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    $700 full 5 stud conversion .... Everything you need including lover control arms S15 Headlights with $500 pair 2 way Diff from s15 $700 Drive shafts $50 each Complete s15 dash, centre console, cluster etc.. $400... Can throw in all the plugs for the cluster if you are putting in a s13 S15 JDM air bag stearing wheel $120 2 impull horns ... $40 for both Text anytime 0432 387 884.... Located in woodville gardens
  2. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    S15 seats from autech which are different to the normal cloth ones $450 for ge fronts and the buyer can have the rears for free if they want them Have door trims to match .... Pics here http://m.gumtree.com.au/s15-seats-from-autech/v?adId=1020532720#S15%20seats
  3. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Up for sale is a rare sr20de autech motor & box The S15 Autech Silvia's are rated at 200ps (147kw)@7200pm Engine Comes Complete With: Ecu Complete loom All the standard intake Extractors AFM Etc..... Gearbox and cross member Clutch and flywheel Front half of tail shaft Clutch slave Still in car so buyer can hear running Price: $3000. Located in wingfield 5013 Text only anytime : 0432 387 884
  4. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Work cr Kai's 17x9+17 full set with tires $750 firm http://m.gumtree.com.au/work-kais-17x9-17/v?adId=1018783410#Work%20kai Text anytime 0432 378 884
  5. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    able to have a suss of the stickers on the back and find out? if its a +15 or so maybe keen. Wheels are 17x9+17
  6. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    17x9's work Kai don't know the offset exactly but the fit flush on slightly rolled guard on my s15 Two tires ok other two are bald $900. The set .... Text only 0432387884
  7. Weds kranze, 18x11-26 rear Haven't got guards on the front to show the 18x10-16 But I will soon as the guards and kit are painted I will upload done more pics
  8. Drift Shells And Engines. - $1,800

    Price : $1,800 Condition : Used Sr20 s13 blacktop rebuilt motor 1500kms ago motor,loom, computer minus turbo has hks cams Hks adjustable cam gears rocker stoppers ported inlet side of the head metal head gasket Nismo 550cc injectors Nismo adjustable fuel reg Jap made ss tuned length manifold z32 AFM reprogrammable computer(nisstune maybe?) $2200 Motor can come with less parts for better price Had 250rwkw with gtrs turbo I have a trust t51z bolted on it atm for serious buyers to test drive, any tests welcome. Can come with s13 box with nismo short shifter, tailshaft or complete manual conversion at extra cost 34 2dr black rolling shell, track only... all brakes, hks rear coilovers, ohlins front strut brace All sound dreading removed and fresh bright red painted interior and engine bay, mix matched headlights, drift spec( chips/cracks) front fibreglass guards and bonnet Full bolt in cage (not installed) Dark tinted windows S13 crossmember in for sr conversion No rear bar and rad support not on as I was going to do removable one but I do still have stock one to come with the shell $2800 or $2000 without the cage Full roll cage for 2dr 33/34 non sunroof ... $800 Brand new rear 50mm over fenders.....$300 S15 sr20. Motor, loom, computer only missing turbo and manifold $1600 76xxxkms from aus delivered car 2 S14 gearbox's one with short shifter $400 each If motor and box taken together can throw in 2nd hand extreme 6 puck drift clutch Complete s15 dash with good air bag and cluster, centre console included $650 .... Had this sitting in the 34 nice Bride driver & passenger fixed back seat rails for 34 as new $200 each ......RAILS ONLY..... 94 MODEL sil80 track only rolling shell full body kit, front, back, sideds all WITH GOOD FITMENT, car is straight with good paint, midnight purple frony cross member moved 20mm fowared slotted rotors with racing pads has 80xxx original kms there is other mods done in japan to caster rods and knuckles all done in japan as this was the owner of some workshop over there good amount of lock and the car can be test driven if the motor doesnt sell first can also be inspected on my hoist $2000 O.N.O......... WHEELS DO NOT COME WITH THE CAR........ TEXT ANYTIME 0449 840 410........LOCATED IN WINGFIELD S.A
  9. Price : $23 Condition : Used Turbo back stainless exhaust $300 Complete Doors $80 each Apexi Suspension with adjustable damper $250 the set Front Cross member $50 Brakes $400 with anything you need besides front controll arms Rare factory option v-spec Diff, says slip on the taco and has oil canister in the boot $200 o.n.o Rb25det Engine $1500 complete, loom, computer turbo etc... Also with clutch feels heavy duty .. Engine has had 100k service 110xxxkms on the cluster Series 2 Air bags setting wheel $100 Dash with air bag $100 Series 2 Seats front and rear $150 Boot with shaved lock and spoiler $70 Tail Lights $50 pair Driver front Guard $50 Anything you need just ask, no front end parts or gearbox Also have type x rear light with one hair line crack hardly noticeable $200 lights only S13-s15 conversion front guards $150 S15 manual conversion , gearbox, clutch, clutch peddle and slave, tail shaft, shifter and interior surround Pm or text only anytime on 0449 840 410
  10. sr20 box to rb25

    Can anyone point me the right direction of getting my gearbox cut and shut in Adelaide please.
  11. Stolen 32 GTR. Please Let me know if spotted.

    Got the car back today, turbos a blown, flat tires, completely snapped off stealing wheel and broken ignition barrel of course, so pretty easy fix and verry happy to get it back. Was found in a street at walkerville I had a quick look at the guys in the BMW, just young guys in hats never seen who drove the Gtr but I read one got cought. Because it happend on the weekend he will have court on monday so ill be down there tomorrow to have a suss who he is The BMW rego was XLO 320 not 326
  12. Just had my grey 32 Gtr stolen from my front yard reg no XSI 379.... If its spotted anywhere please send me a text on 0449 840 410. Even if it's burnt out 😭. And no I don't have insurance 😭😭😭 So as the story goes...I'm lying in bed on my iPhone.. On ns of course when I hear a nice sounding car on the limiter down my street so I get up run to the window to see what it is only to see my car gone, so I put on my shoes, grab my keys to my daily the VE SS and chase it down a few streets away, lucky for me I just put a big cam, full 3inch exhaust new clutch and tune or else there's no way I'd keep up to the Gtr which has 285awkw So I catch my car and the car they came to steal my car with a silver BMW and the chase was on, from Croydon to walkervill in like 3min. I tried to bump the Gtr as it slowed down at the intersection of torrens and South rd but as I braced myself for the tap the Gtr kicked out side ways and it was off, I could easily keep up but they could hardly controll the Gtr, they were all over the road with their lights off going though red lights at 150-170kmph so I stayed back a bit so hoping they didn't push the car too hard that they loose controll and kill somebody The car is running so rich so all the road and the streets were filled with black smoke so it was easy to see which streets they went down after the main roads, as I speed down one if the back streets in walkerville area a undercover cop seen all the black smoke and went after the Gtr so I stayed behind him until he slowed probably because he could see my car keeping up with him at like in a 60 zone so I flagged him down gave him the details of my car and that was the end of the chase for me And to only think I just filled the tank up too 😡 The car looks like shit, crap paint crap 16inch momo rims but it had goodies like fully engineered to sit LOW! hks coilovers Engineered for hicas lock bar Built motor with tomei parts, only the turbos holding it back for big power 2 way diff Jap alloy radiator A few gauges Gready electronic boost controller Etc....
  13. key cutting & programming

    34 keys are just normal keys there is no chip in them, so you won't need to code it.... Just to be sure unscrew the brown plastic behind the ignition barrel and pit a screw driver or key to turn the car on.. If it dosent start then you will need to code the key but from my experience from 6 34s they don't use coded keys
  14. Clearance sales on Solid subframe rasies

    I'll take a set too.. pm the total price posted to s.a 5012... Cheers
  15. im board so here's some pics of the 33 rims are work TEMIST, 19x10 +5