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  1. Id say it was the driving that makes the difference. Even if a tuned R does hit the track, it would need an awesome driver to beat that time.
  2. Nice video clip

    S1 love...
  3. Maybe cops arn't all that bad?

    Not to start a race thing here but I think I have definately been profiled in the past. I have had one cop pull me over and call two other vehicles to the scene (in paddy wagons) because I didnt indicate long enough while changing lanes. They werent even going to stop me until they drove up next to me and actually looked into my car - at the time I was wearing a jumper on my head (lol), so I think I mustve looked even more Arab. I have also had the popo stop me "randomly" on two other seperate occasions where they fine me for things like driving a manual car on auto licence (driving for a mate who was drunk) and other stuff... Been RBT'd countless times too... edit - not all cops are bad though, I have had a few decent guys who used rational thinking and let me off..
  4. workplace health and safety

    Im an OHS chairman at my work and all the things that people think are crazy are put in place because employers can be completly smashed by WorkCover, even if the incident is completly the fault of the employee... The OHS reps need to know about all incidents in case of litigation later on. Basically after years of getting unfairly fined by dodge lazy employees, businesses have begun going over board in hopes they can save their own ass...
  5. R35, Twin Turbo and Twin supercharged

    Was it the Micra that was twin charged? Iron Chef - why are you against this? I rekon a twin turbo R35 would be the perfect car...

    Agreed this is an example of absolute double standards. The poor bloke got buggered and BLED! It does NOT matter about him not getting up etc... Most female rape cases occur with people the female knows, the victim would too have chances to leave etc. The thing that pisses me off hardcore about this is that we are taught that saying no should be enough etc. How is this any different? NO I DONT WANT THE DILDO IN MY ASS should mean NO I DONT WANT A f**kIN DILDO IN MY ASS!
  7. Buying a car, Does this seem sus?

    Mate it seems like you have your heart set on this car. The truth is that for the same price you could get better cars... The guy may not come down to 5k but that doesnt mean you pay any more - You could get a top condition Jspec SSS with no problems which will be quicker and have better resale value than that silvia. There are other options as well.. maybe give it a rethink. -Ray
  8. I just won $1000

    I once won a scholarship. Somehow the grand seems better...
  9. my bov on 180sx not loud

    Should be one vac line going to the bottom of BOV, another one going to cooler piping(probs). Check all 3 are tight or pull one off completly and drive around and see if it makes a diff till you find the culperate line... Just a suggestion - someone else on here would probs know a better way.
  10. Clunking noise when turning

    I have the same issue in my car!! I thought it was coming from the front, although I recently realised that it could be an issue from the rear that is resonating or whatever under the car and sounding like it is in the front. I looked through so many different things but now I figure that if it is not affecting anything else the problem may be harmless... I took it to a mechanic who said it could be a weight from the wheel hitting the strut What would be the outcome if it were a strut top bearing?
  11. Hey Mate, Is a b14 an American Nissan? Do you mean a pulsar?
  12. Many many problems...

    At risk of flamage, doesnt a faulty gasket usually overheat the engine? Also coudnt the OP just check the oil/coolant for mixing?
  13. women!

    ahaha why do women wear white dresses to weddings? Arent all kitchen appliances white?
  14. luxury watches

    I have a couple Fossil watches and they are pretty solid... Havent broken down or needed any batt changes etc.. Keep time as well as I would need. I cant tell if a watch looses a couple mins in a year and wouldnt give a crap even if i could tell!