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  1. VG to sr selector mount

    not in Australia, but I used one of these in my s15: http://www.frsport.com/Xcessive-N-VG-SBK-Manufacturing-SR-to-VG-Adapter-Bracket-for-Transmission-Kit_p_12857.html
  2. What seat in s13

    I've heard 34GTR seats sit a little higher than s chassis seats. Can anyone confirm? Wouldn't mind putting some in my s15 but I don't want to sit any higher than I do now. Had 32GTR seats in my old 180 years ago & they were great. Only complaint is that you had to open the door to access the boot/ fuel cap release as the gap between the door & the seat was too tight
  3. Sloppy diff question

    Sounds like a normal tired LSD.
  4. s15 auto diffs are viscous
  5. Weird brand of rod ends seems good but has anyone used it?

    sorry to hijack, but does anyone know what size/ thread pitch was used in the GKtech V1 arms? I went t a few local bearing suppliers with a sample a while back & had no luck
  6. S15 gearboot surround

  7. Jasinex's JDM S15

    what size tires are you using? I have the same wheels on my S15, but mine are still the grey colour. Nice rig mate.
  8. 3.69 to 3.9 ratio, worth doing?

    Auto diff is viscous & can be shimmed. I've got one in my 15 & it's fine.
  9. Places coolant may leak from

    water pump. there is a hole underneath the pump often reffered to as the "I'm fu cked hole" - it leaks out there when the pump is stuffed.
  10. My work uses them, I haven't personally.
  11. Southern engine reconditioning in kembla grange
  12. I wouldn't bother asking Spot on in Unanderra to do it, sell them on & buy new wheels if you are certain you're going five stud.
  13. Chevs 90 - Chaise

    Spotted the 180 in Shellharbour this morning, have you still got it? Love the mkII, looks great man!