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  1. Merry Christmas!

    Whats happening with ns.com??? i know its been dieing for the last 8 odd years but now it looks like hardly anyone is on here... saddddd miss those big meets!!!
  2. Sunshine Coast People

    WOW! So long ago
  3. DOTA 2

  4. WTB---180sx type x!

    Do have crack so might be able to get a good deal here......
  5. Just spent fukin AGES reading all this>> great build mate
  6. WTB---180sx type x!

    Hey guys after a type x, preff any colour but purple! must be in mint condition. please pm me asap got money ready to rol!
  7. WTS - S1 350z wheels - Bris

    i have a set of these for sale too
  8. ECU choice and tuner choice

    power fc matty spry (pitts)
  9. koya drift tek's...sunshine coast area

    phat wheels on brisbane road, they will give you a discount!!
  10. SPECIAL - GT3071R

    with a standered manifold they dont require any choping of hte engine mount but oncei fitted a GK tech manifold i had to chop ruffly 3mm of the mount
  11. want to find out about seats

    Ive got recaros in my car atm, they sit abit high which im not fussed about but if i had the chance again id deffintaly reconsider and get some brides Jake.
  12. Clutch and maybe gearbox...

    go through JIM berry to get your clutch done. well worth it! im actaully looking at getting my gearbox rebuilt asap aswell
  13. yea chad ill do that my self tommorow, if it fixes it i owe u thanks ill also do the z32 if i can get a hold of one but its pretty much brand new, less than 10,000kms old but who knows.
  14. im also having similer problems mate, i was told it must be a sensor