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  1. RB25DET in 180sx.

    there used to be a link on racebread.com on how to do this, but it seems the site is down. these guys can do it for you. http://www.lsauto.com/products.asp
  2. i'm sorry, i misread your previous post about not having any oil in the inlet side of the compressor. so if you are getting oil out of the outlet, then i would agree that the seals in the turbo are suspect.
  3. white smoke. doesn't that usually suggest moisture? usually when we've seen white smoke out the exhaust it has been coolant into the combustion chamber. maybe blown head gasket? doesn't smoke under load, but when idled down it smokes white. pics of turbo look average to me.
  4. Car misfiring

    find out which cylinder is misfiring first. you should be able to unplug a fuel injector or coil pack and see if it gets worse or not. if it doesn't get worse, than that is your suspect cylinder. after you have figured this out, then you could put a test plug wire to see if it fires w/ a timing light or maybe switch coilpacks and see if it changes the dead cylinder location. be sure to make sure it is cylinder pressure, fuel inj., or ignition first, before assuming that it's the coilpacks.
  5. Fixed Unit Halo Lights

    was wondering about the super made kit were do you get it im in the us though
  6. does anyone know when the japanese ca18det butterflies are supposed to open? and what input does the ecu need to recieve to trigger them to open. (i.e. rpm point then it opens or?)
  7. RB25 in a 13?

    you could use the rb crossmember up front, but you might need to cut some hood bracing. i'm in the process of doing this changeover myself into a u.s. 93 s13. i'm going to use the mckinney motorsports mount kit. it places the rb a little lower and farther back, than if you were to use the r33 crossmemeber up front. they also have a driveline that you're going to need so it'll be a bolt in affair. i think the kit is $1100 w/ the driveline. as far as any websites you can find good info @ rb25det.org from there you should be able to find some links and info to help you through your swap. you'll have no problems w/ clearance around the steering w/ the mckinney mounts.
  8. wondering if any of you know if there is a difference in afm's between jdm, and euro afm's. if you have either could you post the afm pinouts of the afm you have. (jdm or euro) i.e. a,b,c,d from left to right. and harness wires left to right. ( grn/yel, blk/wht,blk,grn,blk ) thanks.
  9. anybody know if there is a afm sensor difference between euro and jdm. or if your ca18det afm sensor has 3 wires or 4 wires. i know the harness side has 4 wires i was wondering about the afm. our afm has 3 wires in a 4 pin plug.
  10. usually the flutter is associated w/ systems w/o bov's. your bov might not be opening up. also if this is an s13, why would you run that much boost on a stock intercooler? heatsoak might be in the neighborhood.
  11. i have r33 front brakes on my s13, i like the modulation w/ stock master cylinder. it depends on what you are using the car for. i know alot of people have come up to me and asked if my pedal was mushy, but it isn't bad at all. now i can't say that it will be like that for everybodys setup but in my car it is perfectly fine. it is more progressive in my setup. you need to just add the brake upgrade and drive the car in whatever conditions you usually use it in and make adjustments from there. different pads and what not. you can also use a brake booster from a auto s13 for a little better feel. at least in the u.s. the auto is a little more helpfull. i'm not sure but using a r32 master cylinder might move your bias split point differently cause of the difference in rear brakes between the two cars. i just use r33 w/ stock brake booster and master cylinder and changed pads. if it doesn't work out in your setup you could add an aftermarket proportioning valve to adjust brake bias that way, so it would be infinately adjustable. you should be able to get your brakes dialed in with pads and a proportioning valve. you need to try it yourself unfortunately, you can't ask someone for there setup because spring rates, valving, weight bias will all be variables that are not the same in every situation. drive the car w/ the upgrade and tune it from there.
  12. wondering if a 4 wire ca18det afm is available. the afm we have is "4 pin 3 wire". i don't know if maybe euro afm's have 3 wires and japanese afm's have 4 wires? if anybody has a 4 wire ca18det afm let me know. thanks
  13. i'll meter all of the coilpacks i have at the moment, and take a closer look at them to see if there are any differences between the eight that i have. thanks for the suggestions.
  14. 13b into a s13?

    ^^ ditto ^^ for what its worth. please stay with something worth keeping. i know rotory owners will be upset, but i think it's a high maintence design. most of my friends w/ rotories have cars that are in their garage awaiting a rebuild.
  15. make sure that you let people know this is for a euro ca not a japanese ca. there are differences in the intake manifold and how solinoids and vacuums are wired and routed.