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  1. Evolution Vs. Creation

    what created god then? God is outside the universe as he is the creator of time, space, and matter - the universe. No evolutionist or scientist has been able to create life by itself, so the universe and human beings must be by intelligent design. I will use another analogy, look at the TV in your room - did it just suddenly appear there from nothing? No, the TV had a creator and who created it - just like the universe and humans had a creator. I don't know what created God as he is my creator and outside the universe but at least I am honest enough to admit =) What created god then? Ask a TV what created it? the TV must have either come from nothing or by intelligent design. I couldn't care less about winning the evolution vs. creationism argument. I only hope others will join me and save themselves as I know God's kingdom is a much greater place than Satan's world. "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." - Jesus (John 14:6)
  2. Evolution Vs. Creation

    God is the creator of matter, space, and time. Think of the universe as a watch and God as the watchmaker. All else in the universe is governed by law like clockwork including the law of evolution. God bless.
  3. Lazer eye surgery

    the older procedure is the one with the blade, the newer procedure is "bladeless" (laser) last time i researched, the older procedure was actually quicker, less painful and had a faster recovery time... just research LASIK vs. LASEK, i remembered LASIK being the older but better method during that time but things might have changed now...
  4. SR20 to RB30 conversion.

    i'd presume it would be easier to do it with a r33... rb30 would definitely be possible but it sounds like too much work and time...
  5. anybody use a good company for landlord insurance? i hear EBM and Terri Scheer are pretty good...
  6. one for everyone out there...

    i loved the great truck cruising track to this video... it really felt like i was there... fully supplied and overloaded with methamphetamine... bopping along on another week's work run... just angry at the world and other drivers on the road doing unpredictable things haha Top 10: Unwritten Rules Of The Road
  7. hey guys any recommendations on a place to stay near the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre? i was too young to remember sydney last time but i will be there for a weekend in the next few months... i'm just after a comfortable and reasonably priced accommodation for the weekend... please let us know if the accommodation has complimentary parking and whether you'd advise driving in sydney traffic... i don't know whether to drive up or fly up atm... i'm leaning towards flying up as my last drive to adelaide was exhausting... thanks in advance
  8. Workshop Name: DT Panels Type: Panel and spray shop Contact Details: 12 Lightwood Rd. Springvale, VIC 3171 0402 611 670 Feedback: * Repaired deep scratches on rear left quarter panel * Resprayed left side of car to match * Vu has done 3 quality jobs for me all at great prices!!
  9. 2nd think and grow rich by napoleon hill
  10. there is a currency exchange place across the road from footscray station, best rate in town... you will see all the indian students exchanging their money there. i've not seen a place with better value.
  11. http://www.karair.com.au/
  12. i thought payout figures were based on the agreed value established at the start of an insurance policy...
  13. bad news

    even if such a law passed, it would most likely only apply to post-2010 cars anyways. that just means people won't be modifying new cars in the future.
  14. Car got keyed

    if you got it resprayed before why not go back to the original shop otherwise DT panels.
  15. S13 or S14

    buy an s14 silvia q