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  1. sump leak question.

    Yeah I just mean I would rather replace my shitty one than reseal. Will probably have to rip it off for any sort of warranty process anyway, better off just waiting to see what Greg says.
  2. sump leak question.

    Sumps not really under pressure like the rest of the oil system, leaking might get a tad worse when the oil gets up to temp and becomes thinner but shouldn't be too bad, my nasty greedy copy sump has been leaking since not long after I put it on (a few drops a day) but would rather replace it than take it off just to reseal.
  3. Preeeeetty sure yashio smoked tail lights are discontinued, only do the clear ones now
  4. 10/10 Matsuri Roll Call

    Been waiting for one of these, SA events subforum disappeared Liam Class c Black s13 on white buddy clubs Shed number 41
  5. You could extend your Lcas if you're really keen
  6. S15 Autech Authenticity

    GBYART FS15ED4PB4AZ should be the model number of an autech on your vin plate according to http://nissans15.com/spec.htm
  7. There's these, never used them or even heard any reviews on them, just saw them in a catalogue or two http://www.tyredog.com.au/store/
  8. 5 stud hubs + ABS = ?

    If you're looking to go aftermarket I know you can get the attain hubs with the abs cog/teeth, had a pair with them
  9. Wheel fitment GC8 STi

    i only had springs and shocks on mine so no first hand experience but it should be fine, he could always do abit of measuring to make sure.
  10. Wheel fitment GC8 STi

    18x8 +45 sits reasonably flush, rears were rolled
  11. Pretty sure they bolt up but sit fairly high compared to the standard gc8 seats.
  12. Finny's s13

    Cheers mate, dunno about clean anymore tho lol, hopefully most of the dentage on the quater will pop back out
  13. Finny's s13

    Yeah them and a pair of low temp pads work a treat, you can see in those vids that bugger all effort is needed to actually lock the backs. Went out again on the weekend and lets just say she aint so pretty anymore lol Smashed the quarter into a 44 half filled with water buuut shit happens, not really losing any sleep over it. bit of entry practice aswell http://youtu.be/HTbIhE8A78U had an exhaust leak, front pipe decided to lose its nuts and disconnect itself from the dump pipe so it sounded like more of a pig than usual Ordered some nismo 740 injectors so as soon as they rock up i can go for a tune and run some more boost, probably go nistune for the ecu.
  14. Finny's s13

    Its half way between pirie and augusta