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  1. Club-House mix. Free download

    i would but soundcloud gives me a limit for free uploads. I only have 21 mins left. I can put as much as i want on official.fm/jaqen and it allows the same functionality more or less. If you want to follow just like the facebook page and you'll be updated when i post a new mix up
  2. Club-House mix. Free download

    Thanks. Glad you enjoy them. I'll be uploading them all on the official.fm/jaqen page so they are all easily accessible and downloadable. no cue file? Cue file: http://www.mediafire.com/?z8ok5ohnz4oeglu
  3. Tomorrowland

    tickets are almost impossible to get as far as i understand
  4. Club-House mix. Free download

    New mix up in time for the weekend and the end of the world http://official.fm/tracks/xTzr
  5. Link to survey? I would question the validity of suck results when we don't have that many Sudanese going back home. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-11-26/90pc-of-sudanese-migrants-want-to-return-home/4392956
  6. Not really. People could just tell others that they're prejudice/ethnically-prejudice, but nine times out of ten "Racist" is chosen because it's a great power-word against white people. Rarely hear it used against any other race in the media, particularly American Media. Irrespective, following your logic the bogans actually have it right for once... simply calling everyone a c*nt. Shorter, and possibly more accurate. Spot on about the power word aspect, and I note rooz brought Islam into this so I once again need to point out islamic IS NOT a race. That's true but the majority of the population will consider negativity towards islam racism. Hitler killed jews.. Didn't matter if they were Russian jews, Israeli jews etc.. Judaism is a religion. You gonna tell me the holocaust wasn't racism?? Go tell that to a holocaust survivor if you stand by that opinion so strongly. Honestly, it just seems like a bunch of excuses are being devised so people can hide from the reality of what they really are.. RACIST Which is also a double standard because I could say that "Christians are all f**king retards (and look in that thread about Mercury and plenty of people are saying similar) and yet no one will bat an eyelid. Say something about Islam and you're as bad as Hitler... In any case, and I must point out I'm basing this on assumptions I've made from reading your posts so I ay be wrong about you personally... But the thing is, whether you realise it or not people such as yourself are a different side of the same problem. Earlier you were making excuses for non-integration (pretty sure it was you anyway), when in reality the onus should always be on the new party to at least try to start fitting in and integrate. If they arent integrating, and people are making excuses for this to not happen, then it just becomes a source for continuing negativity and anomosity. Most people will become tolerant of others over time if they're trying to fit in apart from the hardcore racists who are never going to change anyway... Thats just how I see it anyway. yeh, but intergration in theory and intergration in practice are two different things. Many people aren't willing to give some of these people a shot, heck, i personally know people that can't be bothered with immigrants. Not to mention how many would be discriminated against when it comes to jobs etc. It's not as easy as saying 'fit in r piss off'. Not that simple mate. People love to say that they should integrate, yet many of them wouldn't give these people the time of day. I mean look at the recent survey published around a week or so ago stating that 90% of Sudanese immigrants would rather return home than stay here. Take which way you will, but if 90% of them would rather return that surely says something about us also.
  7. What exactly is 'our' culture? can you elaborate? As far as i'm concerned, the more choices i have, the better. I've never particularly been a big fan of asian food but some that i have tried, i've liked.
  8. He more or less ran the fitness forum at one stage. Had loads of useful info. Where did he go? Anyone know?
  9. I quoted just a small section, so i guess it's out of context some what. It was more directed at the general post. I would rather them be on welfare for the minimal of time until they/ if they are able to get employment. Anyway, I've devoted more time than i was ever expecting to in this thread. I'll still have a read, but wont dedicate much more time to posting.
  10. I'm sorry that you see it that way.
  11. That's fine, i respect your views and understand where you're coming from. As i have said many times, it's not an easy situation.
  12. this is my issue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_0KUT3FK6E - http://www.abc.net.a...ts/s3224663.htm - http://www.abc.net.a...ts/s3346987.htm - http://www.abc.net.au/mediawatch/transcripts/s2977986.htm plenty more where that came from
  13. No worries. I gave you my take on how I think the rest of Australia views the problem. If you think that ignoring the bulk of my statement and supplying a single sarcastic image will change the general public's mind, then by all means, go forth and educate. Personally I think you're going to be met with contempt and branded as a naive idiot. If you're going to outwardly hold the unpopular opinion, then it is entirely your burden to be able to present yourself in such a way that you can change the opinions of the majority against you. As you can see by the course of this thread, what you're doing isn't working. I'd advise that you stop treating the opposite side like idiots if you want to garner any kind of respect to bring about change in their opinion. I'm not treating anyone as a naive idiot. I simply put the photo in to give some context as to how big this issue really is. As i've stated before, my view is that the media and politicians are having way too much air time over an issue that i class as minor. There are much bigger issues in Australia that we could be worrying about, yet so much of the discussion is focused on 'boat people' I see it as an attempt to get easy votes from the 'average Australian' that is oblivious to the actual facts. Their knowledge about the subject is relatively minor, yet the opinions they share seem to be relatively large compared to the knowledge they have of the subject. Once again i blame the media and the pollies. Instead of providing the Australian public with fair and balanced information, we are fed with negatively skewed 'd' grade reporting (ACA, today tonight) that aims to instill unjustified fear into our community. Through out history Australia has show and is an example of the way multiculturalism works successfully, yet we are faced with people scared about people taking their jobs... People that are hugely disadvantaged from the get go. Then people complain about some not fitting in.... Well maybe if some of us took to them with an open heart instead of judging them straight away they would have a chance. I've seen time and time again the attitude that a large percentage of the population has towards these people and i think it's completely unjustified. We could be focusing so much of our attention on other issues i.e. even some things that you pointed out, yet so much of the discussion is about 'boat people'.
  14. so they aren't able to come legally due to other's being deemed more suitable, so they just come here illegally and expect to jump ahead of all those who are much more suitable. yeh cool, let em all in. No, you're wrong. It has nothing to do with suitability. 'Boat People' aren't able to come on a plane because they are stateless, or hold passports that Australia will not give short term visas for. There are no queues to jump! here: