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  1. You can deter people from it. Punishing people that break the law.... whats wrong with that? I think you'd be hard pressed finding someone who wasn't aware they were breaking the law by smoking pot. People who drank alcohol in the 20's were breaking the law. Did that stop them? You just reiterated my point.
  2. You can deter people from it. Punishing people that break the law.... whats wrong with that? I think you'd be hard pressed finding someone who wasn't aware they were breaking the law by smoking pot.
  3. No. But they are legal. You are an adult aren't you? If so do we really have to play this game? do you have any proof that smoking marijuana doesnt increase the likelihood of mental illness?? Or that it isn't a carcinogenic.
  4. To me by legalising drugs they are saying it's ok to do them. I don't agree with that.
  5. LOL wtf. Do you force your child to believe what you believe too? WTF? i would not let my kids go knock on strangers doors to ask for free shit either! esp without supervision. would you let your kids grow up without teaching them anything in fear of forcing your ideals on them so they become a blight on society? but at least they would not be oppressed right? I don't know how old his 'kid' is. I just find it stupid that he won't let his son go trick or treating because he hates it with a passion and thinks it's embarrassing. Way to take everything out of context. I do not understand what you are trying to imply. What I said has nothing to do with oppression In response though, I see no need to force my child to conform to believing that halloween is embarrassing and has 'nothing to do with our country.' I don't celebrate St Patricks day, thanksgiving, independence day, waitangi day or cinco de mayo. So why would i celebrate halloween? Because its advertised on TV and other people do it? My sons 7, and far from "oppressed". I would hardly call not being allowed to trick or treat oppressed. Forcing my beliefs on him? Please, its called parenting, its my job to raise him as someone who will be an asset to society. Teaching him to question the pack is a positive trait. Going to the beach, movies, my fun passes, room overflowing with toys, bike, skate board, scooter, soccer, nippers, sleep overs, computer games, two loving parents, not allowed to trick or treat.... call child services, we have monster parents here of a very unhappy child. LOL. As for getting him to drink excessively on Australia Day? Quit with the pigeon holing. I don't drink. Nor do i have tattoos. What a bad example as a parent im setting.
  6. Its not f**king candy! This is australia, they are called lollies. I hate it with a passion. It has nothing to do with our country, its embarrassing. I refuse to let my son go trick or treating nor do i give in to people who are doing it.
  7. The anus is the new vagina. 40% tighter, 30% warmer
  8. Labouring in a first world country is a different kettle of fish compared to labouring in a 2nd or 3rd world company. We have higher standards in safety and training besides the higher cost of living. More to the point, its a very physically demanding job. Come summer time i can be drinking over 10L of water a day and maybe piss 3 times. Ive lost count of the number of muscle strains ive encountered. Then there are the periods where you are out of work. Remember once you've built something, the jobs over. The hourly rate might be high but you spend a couple months out of full time work and in reality the hourly pay rate drops. To me its the high cost of living thats causing every one to keep putting there hand out for more money. Prices for everything continue to go up and up.
  9. LA

    Try not to stay in the same place, you said you where staying in long beach. Try to get accommodation close to the attractions you want to visit. Traffic can be a bitch plus its a big place in general so commuting everyday from long beach can start eating into your holiday time immensely. To me must doo's are Hurst castle, knotts berry farm, disneyland, universal studios, winchester palace. Plus just getting out there and exploring is a great way to enjoy the day.
  10. Ive got a T400 behind my 2JZ. Works an absolute treat!
  11. au / ba thermo fans

    on mine i ran a reconditiond radiator and 12" davis craig thermo fan. Never had a problem with it getting hot, burnouts were a specialty too! Modifying your radiator support is alot of hassle, it will require mod plating
  12. where to get e85 in qld

    i not sure if any one in there right mind is willing just to run there car on E85 just so they can say they do, there's no point as it's alot more expensive that 98 i also whouldnt use that video as an across the board view that E85 is fine to run in all cars it's a V8 suv that aren't that common over here and unkown driving conditions for the "test" and then there's always the debate about using food to make fuel, using our land for running our car instead of feeding people ? The V8 in it is a 5.7ltr= small block chevy, very common motor here
  13. where to get e85 in qld

    Lol there alot of superstitious people out there. E85 is fine to use with stock fuel pumps/lines. Yes it is corosive but petrol is more corosive
  14. autronic tuners in qld

    Sorry had a blonde moment, its an adaptronic not an autronic, sorry for the confusion