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  1. 15a welder on 10a socket?

    I'm a sparky, some of the replies in this thread make my head head hurt. As you wont be using it 24/7 as your only borrowing it, you'll be fine mate, otherwise id suggest looking at a dedicated 15a circuit if you were going to be using it constantly depending on the difficulty involved in installation. Just try not to load the circuit with other appliances as it may trip breakers/smoke fuses otherwise and to the guy saying 4mm to your first outlet and then breaking into 1.5/1mm and 2.5mm for a mixed power and lighting circuit, noooot how it happens broo, you have to protect for the maximum current capacity of the smallest cable witin the circuit and therefore you would be using 4mm on a 10A breaker because of the 1.5mm used in the lighting circuit edit: wait just re read that and saw you said it will hit your switchy first, sorry mate my mistake
  2. SIRdriftalot's N/A S13 / WHEELS NOW ON !

    looking awesome mate. just reaffirmed my wheel choice. going to go a different tyre width on the back down the track and a tad lower all round?
  3. electrical apprenticeship

    yeah just look at the roofers, 90% of those melonheads wear them. plus you can get them with caps so their legit work shoes, when im on big project (we do a lot of commercial)and its sunny outside i rock them with the stubby and a singlet, plus their mad for kicking the footy at smoko
  4. electrical apprenticeship

    Also like bailly said, group training is a good option, you will jump around a bunch of places at first, but most of the time you eventually find a place that will hang onto you. However all the ones we have gotten from then recently have been total duds, last one we go was scared of hights, really hepful when you roughing in a few story high factory using a cherry picker
  5. electrical apprenticeship

    Pretty much nowhere will take you without one mate. Our company has had 6 apprentices in the last few years and all have been through the pre app bar one (his f**king the daughter of the boss) so either do a pre app, or run one through the owners daughter
  6. 90 Silvia

    one other thing, where did you get that tinting stuff for your lights? thinking i might hit mine with some
  7. electrical apprenticeship

    One of my mates companies was looking for a 2nd year, ill ask if they would be interested in a first year who has done the pre app and data/comm cert (i assume its the same as open cabling license?)
  8. 90 Silvia

    go the ls1 mate, this things going to be bad ass, reminds me of:
  9. My 1jz s13 Silvia

    Awesome build mate! How do you think your going to go getting rego with the tubs? Was considering doing the same to the new streeter I'm doing but worried the 5-0 might kick my arse
  10. Whoa, did everything just taste purple?
  11. Round 4 chat

    Congrats to Consi, awesome year mate with plenty of hurdles overcome. "Rookie of the year sorry forgotten name black R32 lil jo's old car" That would be Steve Cornish
  12. 90 Silvia

    did you guys tint the lights or just paint them?
  13. freight to NSW

    TasFreight are prob the best mate
  14. halloween.. what are you going as?

    I've been to a couple of Halloween parties, I agree with what won said ages back, maaad slappers dressed sluttier than a $2 hooker. Two of my favs were Joey Ramone and Marty McFly. My advice is never go over the top, one time when I was younger and was loving the crow movies, I went as one (him?), turned up, and only like 5 people had dressed up, the rest were too cool for school, awekward as hell I'd like to go in a dress, so everytime somebody asks me what I'm going as, I could go "yo momma!"
  15. 326POWER OR 160POWER

    Hey mate do you mind if I ask how differently the car handled once with 17s? I'm looking to go from 17s to 16s on my new car I'm building, but I've never had 16s and I don't want to compromise handling