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  1. S13 FJ20et Drift / Circuit car

    Lovin the fj conversion.
  2. Armed S14

    Is that a bunker at Charles Darwin? Nice ride btw
  3. I think he is talking about your grammar. Anyway, very nice car. I hope mine looks as clean as yours when I'm finished!
  4. My JDM S15!

    Specs on evo? Thanks mate. Yeah the Evo is mine too.
  5. 1992 s13 ks club edition

    Wow! Love the front bar haha, good your getting rid of it. Other than that it looks real tidy. Nice mate
  6. My JDM S15!

    Nice s15. Do you own the evo as well?
  7. Jezas rb powered s13

    I was thinking of doing this conversion for my s13. Nice work mate.
  8. QLD Ralliart COLT

    Love it, something different. I have a soft spot for high hp fwd cars
  9. EVO members

    Evo x here, only one in alice
  10. whats better? evo 9 or 10?

    X for sure but I'm a bit bias
  11. ^^like wise but 230kw less track more daily, posted to 0812
  12. Factory Aero Kit

    Post revival! I just bought mine from JIS. check them out, don't think you would have got them in time. Least you can get them sprayed at a later date.
  13. Hi all, I'm not new to the forum just a first time poster and thought I'd introduce myself as I have just acquired my first Nissan. It's a project s13 with street and daily as the main intended use as I have a evo x for weekend/track use. I look foward to picking all of your brains on where to get rare parts and general info. Cheers guys
  14. Dyno tuning DC2 integra type r

    Pretty sure you can too but why not upgrade to a hondata