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  1. So many updates, loving the new found enthusiasm, keep it up mate.
  2. looked great on sat night mate, I was speaking to you just as you were leaving, awesome looking rig
  3. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    casey takes some nice pics, saw the one of your silvia on another forum, looking very tasty. I've got a drivers-side qtr window sitting in my garage if you ever need one, been trying to sell it for years!
  4. 89 S13 Silvia - Building to perfection

    it sure is a perfect streeter Nigel but I can't wait to see it develop into time-attack mode, should look shit hot with splitters & diffusers
  5. Project Varietta R-RATED NEW PHOTOS ! PAGE 9

    i think white wheels would really make this thing stand out
  6. Project Varietta R-RATED NEW PHOTOS ! PAGE 9

    looks way better in the new pics. dont go yellow interior though, tan is nicer. one thing i think is clashing is the mesh in the front bar, would look nicer painted black so it doesnt stand out as much (or with some cooling hardware as Ceffy mentioned)
  7. help me raise my car

    theres a guy in the classifieds that sells c-spanners brand new for like 20 or 30 bucks
  8. p plate s13

    looks like a giant blob..cars are supposed to have lines. as long as you like it though...
  9. sharing some pics of my old S15 200SX

    sold it to buy an FJ20 turbo datsun 1600 + a daily driver
  10. cheers man thats my blog
  11. sharing some pics of my old S15 200SX

    cheers guys. mods were simple: koni yellow adjustable shocks, kmac 3" springs driftshop rear adj camber arms 350z wheels, 225/40 hankook rs2 tyres xforce turbo back exhaust, gkteck fmic bmc panel filter with modified airbox, free boost mod, nismo duracon black gearknob, shortened gear stick (cut and re-welded thread) autometer liquid filled boost gauge in drivers side airvent lightning bolt bonnet badge, modified front bar (no verticle slat) smoothed boot (spoiler + keyhole) jdm rear bar nismo rear pods nismo clear side indicators
  12. thought i would share these pics of my old beast that i was too lazy to post up before i took it back to (almost) stock and sold it about a year ago cheers
  13. My 32

    edge to edge is usually 1" wider than the actual width
  14. 500gb External HD with PS3

    you can just push the triangle button and then go to "Display All" and it usually shows everything
  15. 500gb External HD with PS3

    yeah i already found that out today while doing some research. just found out theres 640gb Maxtors for about $120 at harvey norman so im gonna go with that thanks for your help!