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  1. WOW - What happened?

    HAHA MeRlz
  2. WOW - What happened?

    yep its like that this died, facebook took everything
  3. VC commodore... for the drifties

    Finish sprinter and drive matsuri
  4. Sr20/s13/180sx Parts - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : Used For Sale Copy Greedy Sr intake manifold $100 2x standard intake manifold $40 6x Standard sr20det injectors 1x leather and chrome shifter $5 1x sr20det fuel regulator $5 1x sr clutch fan $10 1x Stock steering wheel $20 2 sets of castor rods one with new bushes $20/$30 1x sr20 exhaust manifold gasket $10 1x t25-t28 exhaust gasket $5 1x HKS mushroom filter $15 1x carbon look coilpack cover sr20 $15 1x Mosta Tacho $50
  5. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    put pcv valve back in thought i blew my motor after taking it out, lesson learnt need pcv valve on sr
  6. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    Hardtuned, injected straight to the vein
  7. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    You can get a 3l can of asahi! just read your blog
  8. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    Why haven't you got gay pride stickers?
  9. Has your car ever beaten you up?

    dropped diff onton my chest without enough room to slide out from underneth it or roll it off me have also done this with gearbox, have learnt alot of valuable lessons from first and second time experiences
  10. Price : $600 Condition : Used SR20DET Blitz Active single plate clutch for sale 4.5mm left on it 600ono!
  11. Price : $100 Condition : Used Sr20det intake and exhaust adjustable cam gears for sale $100 Ganador Carbon fibre look side mirrors for 180sx/s13 $80
  12. kris's A31 Cefiro

    just burn it to the ground and be done with it
  13. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    pffft you'd just try to but f**k me
  14. Ryan's NA 32 four door

    still a homo