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  1. good mechanix in melbourne

    We go to Protex Australia,Thornbury cant beat there work.
  2. nissan 180sx drag car

    Yeh quite an expensive sport when you get deep in to it.
  3. nissan 180sx drag car

    This class is extremely quick now so gotta be a mega build to be competitive these days. Need some more s chassis sr's out there. Buy your self a billet block and ve head .
  4. Wanted Drag wheels , Front runners & rears

    pretty sure Eb ford is the best offset for s chassis
  5. nissan 180sx drag car

    class will be street 289. Tim if you want to put a gopro on it for sure.
  6. nissan 180sx drag car

    I will be once jamboree comes around next year.
  7. nissan 180sx drag car

    Thanks. Hoping to go back to the track to do some passes and andra license soon, but busy with work atm.
  8. nissan 180sx drag car

    I started this build a long time ago and finally its nearly completed with minor things to finish off and few items to be changed. Work is performed by Protek automotive in Victoria.
  9. Mazworx drag S15 heading to Australia

    Definetly sleeved.
  10. brisbane jambo 2012

    Unreal event, was my first time to Queensland jamboree. And good to see we have the fastest sr in world in Aus now.
  11. SR Drag Racing

    Credit to micheal in this car. He has developed most the ve sr's in this country running quick times. Would be a hand full to hold on to this little corolla
  12. Mazworx drag S15 heading to Australia

    And that 6 looked real good. Had the privilege of seeing it first hand and it's good to see the record of sr in Aus! Now time for you to run into the 8's pj
  13. Nissan 180sx - $12,500

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Kilometres : 96000 Price : $12,500 Condition : Used A 1997 type x for sale.I have had the car for 6 years and had the car repainted 4 years ago, it is has coilovers, adjustable castor rods. MUST SEE TO APPRECIATE! Car was originally turbo but had it converted to non-turbo so it is now "p-plate legal"
  14. Mazda 1000 Sr20VET The chase for 8's

    this should be very interesting. is your plan to use nitrous down the track or just to get the turbo to spool?
  15. Mazworx can help you out, add them on fb or send them an email. sales@mazworx.com