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  1. Any WoW Freaks out there?

    Any Jubei Alliance kicking around? Started 10-man guild. Looking for 2 more core members for ICC10. Guild is casual and loving. Formed with a couple of my IRL mates.
  2. Who was No.1 On your Birthday?

    M.A.R.S. - Pump up the volume. September 28th 1987. [Can't fkn figure out how to attach youtube vids. Stupid Upward drop box...]
  3. Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Yah I play. Love flying the crates around. When i was like 15 my mate and I would do like long haul flights from like Sydney to London or whatnot. Leave it running overnight and wake up, have breakfast, and land hahahaha. I really like how you can do ATC now. You get ppl from all over the world on, and it's like you're doing real ATC! If I had a better PC though, I'd be rippin the pylon races. But my frames and joystick aren't too crash hot... Flight Sim is such a cool game >.
  4. Lost mine at 15 to my Highschool Sweetheart who I was with for almost 3 years. It was school holidays, we were in her room. It wasn't planned or anything, we were actually going to go to the movies. But I was sitting on the bed, and she was in her ensuite and I just put the hard word on her! LOL Apart from being nervous that it was our first time, and I was scared her father (a princible of another school) would come home and bust us, I had no trouble getting a couple of loads off . I didn't bring her to climax that day. It was actually kinda neat, like there was a bit of pain, had to take it slow etc. But she was the juiciest girl I have ever been with without being a squirter. We're still really good friends. I still love her, just cause she's an awesome chick though. If she wasn't with her BF now, I'd do it on her neighbours mailbox again, for old-times sake. Hehe....
  5. Large Hadron Collider

    I too was wondering about the LHC the other day. So where's it at? Trawl the internetz for knowledge!

    ^ Bug right there. lol. I'll give the site a change. Make it a lil wider though.
  7. GI JOE

    Movie was terrible. Dragged out. Was blaring and farfetched - Only those young enough to be playing with the action figures will be the ones buying the nonsense. All you seem to read on NS Movie threads is bads. I'm sorry to report another. It's good to see on the big screen however as it's got some pretty large-scale CGI in it. Lotsa fight seens. Lotsa bad guys. Lotsa Gadgets and machines. Chicks were pretty hawt. Guy was hawt too lol. In regard to the story of GI Joe, it holds true. Only all really comes together at the end though. It's like "Yo, when's this cobra gonna start rising?" A few twists that you may find entertaining. But overall, they tried to make it TOO epic - The writers just shovelled awesome at the screen. Don't take it too seriously, or you'll be cringing in your seat at some most of the one liners. Lightly written, heavily armed. So sit up the back in your fantasy pants and try to enjoy. 5/10
  8. Any WoW Freaks out there?

    3.2 Tomorrow!!!! /cheer
  9. Drunk man got two hammered

    How the f**k did he fit that first one up there!!!! It's massive compared to that pen. When you punch those massive nards and they feel like they're about to split you on the way out, you look down and it's not that impressive in the bowl. But a hammerhead, f**k!

    Cool story kemp. But did it really need its own thread?
  11. UPLATE, large.

    I don't frequent red-light NS enough. Didn't see Phee's broad-spectrum thread, encompassing the worlds weekend activities. Plz delete.
  12. UPLATE, large.

    So I had to come early this Saturday night.... My best mate and housemate was RIGHT BEHIND US as we were changing clubs. Ran into some emo milkshake who started him. Cops pull him aside after knocking him on his arse. Ask him for his wallet and he tells them to get f**ked, no warrant. They pin him up against the wall, take his license, hail a cab and stick him in it telling him to go via maccas. Then I get the phonecall... I was on the tune with a girl I've wanted for 5 years. Bro's before Ho's hey? Whaddaya do? So how was everyone elses weekend?! I'm super excited cause I started an uplate thread. I hope I did it right! Much love, and goodnight. Dion. xoxo. lulz. /barrelrole
  13. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    I wasn't complaining. I was just laying out the facts. I'd be stoked to be able to make Mi Goreng in the dark.
  14. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    In the vid you get a pretty good look at the goggle front. You can see the LED's that line the outside of the lense. IMO, this is just a cheap IR camera, with a few IR LED's around the edge. So essentially, you wil be able to see as far with these at night as you would with a $100 LED torch. Except with these, noone can see you with them on. These aren't a passive system that amplify ambient light/heat sources. They actually put out invisible-to-the-human-eye light, that the goggles can see and display on a screen. Stay tuned to youtube IMO, someone will have a vid up soon...
  15. Tax Return FY2009

    Don't forget, if you pay an accountant that you can claim it.