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  1. So with everything happening with my car it's still stuck in Goulburn but its kinda help aid a decision which I've been delaying as long as possible but the car will be going track only. The plan is to sell up the stagea and get something to tow with. I'm leaning towards a XR6 Sedan probably a BA. I would like a 6 speed but they are out of my price range. A few things I've purchased have slowly arrived for the final stage of the R33. These include D1 Spec Quick Release in Blue so I can hard park at meets and walk around with my steering wheel I'll be mating my quick release with my newly acquired which is on the way from J-Land is my Big End Steering Wheel. It's 350mm and extra deep dish. The deep dish coupled with the quick release is going to get me my gangster lean while I drift Kmac 40mm rear guards I was going to wrap my existing black guards in white glitter vinyl but since with the new kmac guards it won't be necessary so instead i'll be wrapping my vanquish roof wang New Steerers/Skidders 18x9-23 and 18x10-11 The fronts have been painted candy apple from j-land I'll be painting the rears in red plastidip with glossifier to sorta make them match Unfortunately with everything going won't be able to skid till probably August or September
  2. someone buy me please http://classifieds.nissansilvia.com/index.php?view=advert&t=2225384
  3. Price : $2,600 Condition : Used Weds Kranze LXZ Fronts: 18x9-2 Low Disk and Flat Face Rears: 18x10-7 WS-Lo Disk and are Curved Face Centres have been rattle canned black No Tyres Chasing $2600 Located Northern Beaches or Hurstville Areas Contact via sms or pm Benny 0421079631
  4. So did some drifting car didn't last and died 1 hour before lunch. Thought it was just a fuse so I changed it but the car instantly blew the same one straight away. Found the boost controller wiring had melted and may have been the shot so taped that up and replaced fuse the car started. Took it around the pits and went out the back gunned it car shut off and had smoke coming from the steering column. Found that the 2 wires had melted underneath the dash tried to separate them and tape them up but same thing happened so called it a day. Got the car towed to a friends place in Goulburn and he is looking to drop a car down there soon so i'll get one brought back up. Will probably get the wiring loom relocated and run through the engine. Got some footage still need to go a lot faster http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLSIMph_XpE Also looking at selling the koenigs if anyone is interested still in transit probably around 4 weeks away 18x10-9 18x11-9 $2500
  5. Run It Hard! - Stageas gone, Skyline inbound!

    Steal my guards like you steal my gt badge!
  6. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Dayumm that stagea!
  7. Your ceffy is insane! wish mine sounded so good BN4LIFE Nar not anymore only drive to the track and back but once rego runs out in December will make it track only and daily will become tow rig. Speaking of the daily it is now running drift spec with stockies on the rear and LXZs on the front! Just need to put s14 subframe in and can run the rears and lower it a little bit more
  8. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    Yerrrrr buddy glad your happy with them! Monster dish for thesize
  9. So it seems i'm doing HnR day! Pretty much running no kit for the day just going enjoy it and go hard before taking the car to the next phase. Seat rail and Koenigs are on the way from Japan. Adam stumbled across a picture of a R33 in Japan with koenigs! Since the rears are 11-9 I think i'll have a bad time making them fit under my 30mm rear guards. So after the HnR day i'll be putting 40mm rear guards on and hopefully will be able to pull out the camber. I think I still got around 2.5 I would like around -1 to increase the grip and have even tyre wear rather then flipping tyres and having no grip. Adam also found some R33 front guards for cheap on fb I think they are 20mm wider and will be better then my plier flared guards And hopefully garage7 will have their knuckles in stock so I can order them as well. Going to be interesting to see if I can run 10-9 up front and not hit anything if so it would be perfect! I guess worst case i'll be hammering the firewalls to make them fit Also BN life is calling me and i'm going to bite the bullet and order that as well after HnR day
  10. Run It Hard! - Stageas gone, Skyline inbound!

    found these on ebay http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NISSAN-BLUEBIRD-Power-Steering-RACK-End-330mm-93-95-/220879403665?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&fits=Make%3ANissan%7CModel%3ABluebird&hash=item336d703a91
  11. Thanks your s14 is sick too! Thanks Shane! it was great to get a chance to follow you and push myself harder and harder! I know with the dollar so good atm wanted to try take advantage and was able to get the koenigs at a decent price! Most on yahoo auctions are at rediculous prices! I got quite lucky i think with golden week in japan might not have been people trolling as much
  12. So finished editing the footage from South Circuit nothing interesting looks the same as last time need to go harder and faster into the first corner http://youtu.be/tLQxsuFTRuk I've also decided to delay the cams approved cage and to go the garage 7 lock kit which should be stocked up next month. This will give me enough lock to chase backies. Money's quite tight atm still need to pay for the koenigs and bride rail I think with golden week in japan things are being delayed and it aint good for me with the interest rate drop I have a feeling the exchange rate will go back down! Hopefully I can sell a few things and get back out on track be realistically I don't think it will be until July/August with rego coming up on the Daily as well!
  13. Lazy to update since ns.com was playing up with my internet explorer and couldn't do line breaks so using firefox for updates so just spamming couple updates in one post Got this seat chilling at home waiting to go in Also got rails coming from japan which hopefully arrive before matsuri so I can get my fixed back in In other news had to shift rims around to get tyres flipped for matsuri and it was a chance to see the car with matching wheels for once so had to take some snaps so my wheel collection has grown by another 2 SSR Koenig 18x10-9 18x11-9 Weird thing is on the SSR sticker says repair i'm guessing these didn't pass inspection and had to be repaired? anyone can shed any light on this? And here's my other sorta matching rims Work VS KF and Amistad V South Circuit skids happened over the weekend and was quite an eventful one. 3rd or 4th run of the day happened to clip the barrier on entry not much damage tagged it with the rear bar which caused it to come off I was more worried about my plates going missing! Morning session was quite disappointing as I kept spinning on entry and I couldn't work out why. Eventually worked out that flipped old tyres have no grip at all and made it very hard to hold entries. Will probably have to try less angle to compensate for less grip or something. Will be interesting to see how I go next time with old tyres. Also popped a cooler pipe running out of the pits which was annoying. Afternoon session finished off my old tyres and threw on some new rotallas on the back and it was a world of difference could control the car much more efficiently and made for much better entries. Still need to build on consistency and faster and earlier initiations. One of the highlights would be tandeming with Shane which forced me grow another set of balls and go harder on entry. The first one went quite well but the second one I locked up quite hard behind shane on entry which forced me to go deep towards the gravel pits and popped my front tyre which ended the day for me. Starting to really enjoy the south circuit drift even though its only 5 corners but these days seemed to be chilled out. Eiji from Team Red Stage made the trek down from ACT and was giving feedback on entries which was good and also took some great photos Not sure when i'll be heading out again with money being tight and few things to get done on the car. Still need to get my rail sent from streeter and flog off my old seat and will be selling my cusco full cage for an agi cams approved one so i can take passengers in future events and also to get a harness.