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  1. WOW - What happened?

    Don't you miss all the good ol-Topics like... xr8 bonnet humps to fit s13/180sx bonnets ... engine swap conversions... I don't like FB...
  2. S13 Bonnets impossible to find?

    The sad part is not many high quality s13s around anymore ... But thanks to the n/a crowd the bonnet I found was only $50 and came with flush pins to boot... These forums use to absolutely pump with everything s chassis back when I first joined I dunno why its so quiet these days ...
  3. S13 Bonnets impossible to find?

    Found one on Facebook of all places
  4. Long time no see...

    usually in the shadows but im always around I cant let go of the old girl ... welcome back
  5. Sooooooo im back restoring the old girl back to her former glory and ive decided the 180 front doesnt please me anymore...Munt Face / Snake Eye set up has already begun... Ive been hunting an S13 Bonnet... im happy to get standard or aftermarket with grills etc etc... but I cant seem to find a single one in NSW... hoping you guys can point me in the right direction for the bonnet... Kind Regards, Kao
  6. I bought a lip off them a few years back for my Sr 180 front bar ... smacked it a fair bit never managed to break it... fitted perfect and flush...
  7. Build a ca or go rb25 ?

    Comes down to rear size on turbo ... Manifold choice and getting that air in quick will be fun mid/top end... Personally I like the come on hard and strong setups feels like your in an aeroplane
  8. Build a ca or go rb25 ?

    Hmm long time since I've posted But let me share some experience; Ca18 will be far cheaper as its already in your car! Manifolds, turbo, Injectors, ecu If it's not broke don't fix it... Keep increasing power and enjoying... Be smart when upgrading; Injectors you could transfer to both engines and just add two at a later stage.. Ecu don't go a power fc when it's specific to engine, rather when mods go madness megasquirt ecu is perfect and affordable. .. Wouldn't look past a kinugawa or hypergear turbo get something big for the ca but average for the 25det (td06/t67 etc) Custom manifolds on the ca can make this responsive... This way if you decide on the 25 at a later stage you can transfer things... I went from a ca to rb well actually a few rb's Honestly I wasted a lot of money on something unnecessary ...4 cylinder is cheaper and not that different for results unless you want specific performance levels the ca is versatile and if it blows like mine forgies in a set of 4 are cheap If I could go back what 12 years since I've had the silvia I would probably never have bothered with anything other than the ca for chasing under 300rwkw And if your going a 25 regardless my last advice is don't be stingy add the 3.0 bottom end and make a 30det worth every cent I ever spent
  9. NSW Spotted Thread

    That'd be me visiting the missus if its a onevia always out there and up the m5 lately and spotted DRF77N s14 at woodcroft maccas the other day too (didnt know who u were in there but Im the black onevia would of said Hi)
  10. RB20DET in S13 400-450km tank if I drive normal 350 or less if taken to track.
  11. what would you do?

    Yep +1 on the R31 shitter atleast ull have fun or even a nismodore vl
  12. S15 Dash Pic's

    Soooo Pictures????
  13. S13 - Fallen Angel

    yer Kaomech i got them from japan and i saw them the other day on import monster so check there if u are looking for some Sweet as I might have to check that one out... I reckon they'd be sweet as tinted... just another option instead of putting the mk4 supra lights fabricated into the rear of my 13
  14. 180sx front onto s13 silvia

    Get a multi meter n work it out its what i did
  15. Stop motion Drift

    That was awesome trusdt the rexxie to roll