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  1. The Football Thread Continued

    Nice little FA Cup replay boys... Well Done! Hope you didn't get up early on a Saturday morning to watch that trash.
  2. The Football Thread Continued

    Yeah at least its FA Cup.. Spurs also have their League Cup Semi tomorrow against Sheffield United... 2 Games away from a Cup Final! COYS! Liverpool and Chelsea drew in their league cup semi this morning as well.
  3. The Football Thread Continued

    Pretty awesome ad! http://youtu.be/UNiGSf2Sy30 I see United are being linked with Otamendi. He just went to Valencia from Porto 6 months ago for 12mil but has been outstanding. Looks like United will cough up a lot more to get him though. Nice little profit for Valencia.
  4. The Football Thread Continued

    Im sure you boys will have more to say about this... Got to think Moyes had Evra,Vidic and Rio... He also was competing against a much more competitive Premier league in comparison to this year. Liverpool, Everton and Arsenal were all much stronger outfits. Makes you wonder...
  5. The Football Thread Continued

    Bahahaha Classic from the MLS official Twitter.
  6. The Football Thread Continued

    Well boys i have been on a high for about 3 days now... What a win over the Rent Boys! Only 2 teams have put 5 past a Jose team, Spurs and Barca when he was in charge of Real. Not a bad effort! Harry Kane has come along in leaps and bounds. Hows this for some stats - On another note Ned Zelic on Foxsports has got to be one of the worst commentators ever... http://youtu.be/L2-dYH7-sSI And now this... So good! http://youtu.be/1H-9mvUnZi4
  7. The Football Thread Continued

    Yeah we were a one man team in the first half... No wonder Hugo got MoM. I'm excited for Harry Kane though, he has scored 15 goal in all comps (25 games) this season. That is an excellent return and has only been bettered by Aguero and Costa I think.
  8. The Football Thread Continued

    Well what a game that was last night... Hugo Boss!!!! kept us in the game last night. At the end of the first half I would have been happy to get a draw. By the end of the 2nd half I reckon Spurs could have nicked all three points. We looked the brighter at the end. Oh and how good is Harry Bloody Kane! What at talent! If he keeps progressing he will turn into a spectacular footballer. He has vision, makes passes and can find the back of the net. The best part is his determination. If the ball get away from him he never stop chasing it down and a lot of the time gets it back. No one likes to see a 0-0 but for a game with no goals it certainly wasn't boring. Still probably a fair result and that's Spurs unbeaten in 5. Bring on Chelsea in 3 days!
  9. The Football Thread Continued

    Marry Christmas Boys! BTW see you on the 28th of December Spurs V United...
  10. The Football Thread Continued

    Spurs have got Sheffield United in the Semi's of the Capital One Cup after beating Newcastle 4-0 this morning (Revenge is sweeeeeet) SPURS ARE ON THERE WAY TO WEMBLEY! Oh also got tickets to City V Real in July next year... WOOT WOOT!!!!
  11. The Football Thread Continued

    AWESOME!!!!! VENUE: Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia MATCHES: Sat 18 Jul Real Madrid CF vs AS Roma Tue 21 Jul Manchester City FC vs AS Roma Fri 24 Jul Real Madrid CF vs Manchester City FC TELSTRA THANKS PRE-SALE: Wed 17 Dec, 9am - Fri 19 Dec, 9am* Access Telstra Pre-Sale Here PRIORITY GROUP PRE-SALE^: Fri 19 Dec, 10am - Mon 22 Dec, 9am* ON SALE TO PUBLIC: Mon 22 Dec, 10am Looks like i'm going to Melbourne mid next year. Real v City is the game I need tickets for! Just heads up boys if you are a Telstra customer you can get presale tickets from Wednesday next week.
  12. The Football Thread Continued

    Apparently the Bookies seem to think Chelsea have it in the bag...
  13. The Football Thread Continued

    Massive! Back level on points with Arsenal and above Liverpool on the table... Good to see we aren't the only team who know how to spunk money on shit players after loosing our main man *Cough* Liverpool Suarez *Cough*
  14. The Football Thread Continued

    All they are good for is Boring weekends of no Premier League... oh and injuries to your star players mid season.