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  1. restoring S13 J'S headlights

    Mine were the same. You'll need to remove the reflectors (pretty easy once the lenses are off) and have them re-chromed. Try hot rod/classic car workshops. Mine cost about $100 and look better than new.
  2. Australian Drifting GP Round 2

    This surprises me - they did such a great job at Calder with keeping things moving.
  3. Having two cars?

    I have 3 now. '97 Galant VR4 daily, Neverending project S13 and the new one, an AE86 I'm putting on club reg. Love them all, wouldn't do it any other way. My last 3 dailies have been imports. Just have to get one that's hard to mod. Takes away the temptation!
  4. Oh bling, life's so hard for you isn't it? So put upon. Or just a douche, perhaps. Anyway dude you'll get the 9" +17 and 9.5" +20 on there with no problems at all really. I have 18x9 +9 front and 18x10 +9 rear on rolled guards. Silly tyre sizes and camber, sure, but still. The sizes you posted would work no problems.
  5. Will the layout be the traditional one, or are you using the old pit entry as the final corner? Apologies if this was covered in the email you sent - I'm not on the mailing list.
  6. This is just awesome news. Like old times. Congratulations guys.
  7. any original ns.coms still here?

    I'm 100 years old.
  8. That Legnum has 17x9.5 +18s. Looks absolutely terrible. If you can only stop scrubbing by running standard height I'm pretty sure you're doing it wrong.
  9. You're being manipulated. Do a bit of bloody source evaluation. The article's from the Herald Sun. Their MO is to write stories in such a way as to whip the conservatives, racists and bogans into a frenzy of outrage. And y'all sit there, swallow it and act exactly how they want you to.
  10. Looking to install an SAFC in my EC5A Galant, but unfortunately apexi-usa.com is down and I only have the Japanese wiring diagram. Does anyone have the English version in pdf? Thanks in advance.
  11. Need SAFC wiring diagram

    Cheers. Do you also have the wiring booklet? It has lists of cars from each manufacturer with ECU pinouts.
  12. Australian Drifting Grand Prix

    Make it like a meet, then let the clubs/forums decide who can come along under their name. The best things about drift are the inclusiveness/community aspect, so play on that & it'll work. I remember a drift nats years ago at Calder where an AE86 club came along & took over the show & shine. Cars came from all over which made for a cool atmosphere & a really impressive display.
  13. No one here will like this probably, but meh. I do. Needs more front camber and/or shorter front LCAs (they're adjustable) to stop the mad scrubbing. Sizes: Front: 18x9 +9 with approx 10mm extended LCAs (215/40) Rear: 18x10 +9 (225/40)
  14. That looks straight epic. Bravo.
  15. Thinking about doing the front lip of my Bluebird with this. Loz, what type of vinyl would you recommend getting it printed on for a clean, but lowish budget job? Thanks for doing this by the way!
  16. Ugly S15

    This works beautifully on a 180, but fails on an S15. In fact I think the only successful face swaps I've seen on S15s are S13 Silvia and 180. Both of which can look amazing.
  17. Modifying S13 interior

    Matt clear on the carbon fibre might work to eliminate glare. Will look epic if you can get it to work.
  18. What colour is this OMFG :P

    That Holden green is some crazy 7 layer candy or something I believe.
  19. Modifying S13 interior

    Yeah now that you mention it that's exactly what I did.
  20. Modifying S13 interior

    Just hacked it away til I had enough clearance. Looks fine. Mine's held in by the door sils too. As long as it is held in I don't really see the issue.
  21. s13 Front Lips

    Garden edging's too ghetto looking. Get square profile rubber from Clark Rubber and screw it into the underside of your bumper. Looks almost pro if you do it right.
  22. Modifying S13 interior

    Thanks mate. Car's in a million bits again at the moment so I can't really get any more pics at this stage. As for details, the seats you can see, and the door trims, glovebox, console & rear seat have been trimmed to match. I made a gearboot to match as well. Black plush pile carpet (ebay) and red & black chequered floor mats. Steering wheel is a momo currently but I'll probably swap it for a Nardi. There's a white KTS dildo shifter in there too. I've removed the centre vent and am fitting 3 Autogauge smoke face gauges in there, and there's a matching boost gague on the pillar. I have an RSM on the dash as well. There's also a random Jap Panasonic double din head unit with a little colour screen that scrolls pictures of the Japanese countryside (not kidding!). Still gotta do all the finishing touches but I really like it so far.
  23. Modifying S13 interior

    Mine now: Still a bit of work to do.

    I'm just about to start a 910 Bluebird project in this style. No one on here will like it because I'm going to run XXR 513s (15x8 +/-0), but it is a real budget thing so they were the only option. The car cost $250 so I'm not spending big on anything! Going with S13 coilovers, fender mirrors, twin pipes, wood Nardi, dildo shifter, etc. Should be fun. It will be a club car built to run in standard over 1800cc class in my local club, so very minimal engine mods (keeps the costs nice and low). This was the inspiration for the car: Mine will have lower offset wheels though.