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  1. s14 bits +more

    Steering wheel is Wheel nuts sold.
  2. Rays Gram Lights 57F 18x10.5 +20 Pair Only $800 Great Condition PM or o42 229 946o Located in Ridgehaven. SA
  3. I need s14 parts!

    I have a full set of kouki tail lights and a zenki centre garnish $250 for the koukis, great condition $30 for the zenki centre garnish Pm if interested
  4. FS: Red Bride Zeta

    Bump. PM for pics
  5. s14 bits +more

  6. AVS Model 5 18x9 , 18x10

  7. FS: Cusco 4 Point Half Cage

    Sorry mate . Its for an S14
  8. FS: Cusco 4 Point Half Cage

    FS Cusco 4 Point Half Cage Good Condition, All Mounting Hardware $450 PM or o42 229 946o Located in Ridgehaven, SA
  9. FS: Red Bride Zeta

    FS Bride Zeta Could use a clean. Small tear in the usual spot but sewed up $450 PM or o42 229 946o Located Ridgehaven, SA
  10. s14 bits +more

    Bump Also have s14 kouki tail lights $200
  11. AVS Model 5 18x9 , 18x10

    Bump $1600
  12. s14 bits +more

  13. AVS Model 5 18x9 , 18x10

  14. s14 bits +more

    Heaps of stuff. Needs to go. Negotiable. Located in S.A willing to post S14 Zenki centre tail light garnish $30 S14 Stock rear traction and camber arms $30 S14 Steering wheel airbag $30 Rb26 fuel rail $30 Rb25 throttle body $20 S14 rear seats $40 (base and back) S14 roof lining $20 S14 fibreglass side skirts $120 Aftermarket steering wheel $20 S14 parcel shelf $20 S14 vent/switch surround $30 PM or o42 2299 46o