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  1. Swap s14a front to s15

    Do you still have these conversion parts?
  2. S15 for sale or swap

    Price: Around $15k Location: Ballarat, VIC Registered: No Complied: Yes Contact: James - 0431320142 Swap for tidy, registered s14 or s15... cash adjustment either way I'm not really set on a price at the moment, but I’m valuing it at what a low km s15 with a built engine, r33 box, and quality JDM parts would be worth, minus a liberal estimate of $5000 to get it to a clean registered state. MODEL/BODY 1999 Spec-R B-Package blue suede interior (rare) Aero skirts & pods (not fitted) Rear overfenders ENGINE s15 sr20det, supposedly conservatively tuned to 300rwhp Rebuilt by previous owner 10000kms ago (no receipts to prove this) CP pistons & rods ? bearings Blueprinted crank ARP head studs Cometic metal head gasket Head crack tested, ported, polished & acid dipped Brian Crower 264 cams ? valves & springs Tomei rocker arm stoppers Remote oil filter Oil cooler Nismo 740cc injectors Walbro fuel pump Apexi Power FC D-Jetro Eboost 2 Tomei Expreme exhaust manifold Greddy t518z 10cm Turbosmart BOV plumbed back Tomei dump pipe HKS front pipe Magnaflow 3” 200cpi metal cat Apexi 3” stainless steel exhaust Greddy Spec-LS intercooler kit Alloy radiator Carbon fibre cooling panel DRIVELINE RB25DET gearbox NPC organic clutch Nismo 2 way diff SUSPENSION/BRAKES Silk Road Section – RM/A8 coilovers (F:10kg R:9kg) ZSS tension, camber & toe arms with hardened rubber ends ? tie rods & ends Cusco strut brace Drilled/slotted rotors Project Mu RC09 pads WHEELS/TYRES Volk F-zero Challenge 17x8 +38 & 17x9 +40 Federal RS-RR 235/40r17 & 255/40r17 (new) I bought this a few months ago with intentions of using it as a dedicated track car. I’m now thinking i’d prefer something tidy & registered, & don’t know if I can be bothered getting this one to that state. I bought it with semi-repaired damage. It had hit a tyre wall on the LH side. Since purchasing it, these are the issues i've discovered: Bent rear subframe. Trutrack have since installed a new subframe, toe, camber & caster rods, set heights & aligned. It handles, steers & stops very well. The radiator support uprights are a bit bent (possibly reshaped to fit FMIC). I had to redrill one to get the headlight to sit straight. There was also a small crack in the the top section of the support, which I patched up with JB weld. The LHR fender is still a bit out of shape (10mm too narrow at the bottom corner). The bumper, rear fenders and LH door need to be painted, I’ve installed overfenders as a cosmetic patch up (no cut guards; they're fairly flared already). The fenders don't appear to be full of bog. The LH door needs a little more body work (I have a spare door in red). The LHF guard has been replaced (dummy fitted in pics) The chassis rails are straight, but are a bit squashed in places (most likely from a forklift or incorrect jacking). The RW inspector reckons there are a few spots where the squashed rail has peeled away from the floor & would need to be spot/stich welded for a RWC. Realistically I think they're probably no worse than most imports. The clutch will slip if you try to spin into 3rd (seems to hold in all other circumstances). The gearbox will crunch in to 5th. The diff whines (work well though). A recent RW inspection identified the following: Missing 4 wheel nuts - Replace LH brake light - Replace (DONE) Number plate light loose- Affix to new bumper Handbrake - Adjust Confirm numbers - PPSR report (DONE) Windscreen washers - Fix/replace Tail light tint - Replace (DONE) Rear bumper - Replace (DONE) Boot leak - Seal around spoiler Free up drivers seat belt - Clean Floor rail damage - Weld sections where it’s peeled away from floor. Pull-out/tidy squashed sections Brake lines - Secure front brake lines Oil weeps - Clean engine and gearbox Diff noise - Service or replace Exhaust too loud - Fit silencer or replace Suspension - Fit standard suspension I want to be as open as I can about the car. I reckon it's a pretty solid car. It drives very well... almost faultlessly. It has some issues, but at least they've been identified. With a bit of attention spent on cosmetics, this would be a really good car.
  3. Pics are working, but cheers for the neg rep.
  4. [VIC] S15 door, guard, rear bumper, and other bits

    Also looking for an s15 ashtray.
  5. Quietening Kakimoto Full Mega N1

    Cheers guys.
  6. I just bought an s15 that's a bit too loud for my liking. It has Brian Crower 264 cams, 3" dump/front pipe, high flow cat, and 3” Kakimoto Full Mega N1 exhaust (small mid-muffler, cannon rear). I was wondering whether adding a larger mid-muffler would quieten things down much? I'd like it to be as quiet as possible, without restricting flow. Should I change both mufflers, or just get a completely different exhaust?
  7. I have for sale the following items. Items are located in Ballarat, VIC, but I can possibly arrange delivery or postage. I'd also consider trades or part trades for s15 parts, such as: decent wheels, decent tyres, stock s15 wheels,s15 pearl white panels/bars, good condition JDM steering wheel, suspension parts, upgraded brakes, JDM s15 passenger floor mat, or other performance parts. I'd also consider labour (clutch replacement) in lieu of cash. Contact: James on 0431320142 Item: Kakimoto Full Mega N1 exhaust with high flow cat Description: It looks like the cat to diff section is a mix of stainless and mild steel. Diff back section is all stainless. The stainless high flow cat has been welded in, and the flange plate to attach to the front pipe has been removed. There are a few scrapes,etc. Price: $450 Pics: Item: S15 rear over fenders Description: Unsure of type. Unused. Price: $200 Pics: Item: 4x ROH 17x8 5 spoke wheels Description: 5x114.3, 17x8, +36 (approx). Only 1 has a tyre. Price: $250 Pics: Item: GReddy s14/s15 aluminium intercooler inlet hotpipe kit Description: Only the silicone pipe has been used. Does not include hose clamps Price: $60 Pics: Item: Ultra Racing s14/s15 4 point lower brace bar Description: Price: $150 Pics: Item: s15 carbon fibre mirror covers Description: A bit rough, but salvageable Price: $60 Pics: Item: s15 carbon fibre exhaust heat shield for rear bumper Description: A bit rough, but salvageable Price: $40 Pics: Item: s15 rear right LCA Description: Price: $50 Pics: Item: s15 caster arms Description: Come with nolathane bushes installed Price: $50 Pics: Item: s13 center console Description: Price: $40 Pics: Item: s13 cluster surround Description: Price: $50 Pics: Item: Garrett gt2876r compressor housing Description: Price: $25 Pics: Item: s13 shifter/stereo surround Description: A bit rough.Wrapped in "carbon fiber". Price: $20 Pics: Item: s13 rear seat back rest Description: Price: $40 Pics: Item: s13 mirrors Description: Price: $60 Pics: Item: s13 rearview mirror Description: Price: $25 Pics: Item: s13 interior trim Description: Steering wheel tilt surround trim Price: $20 Pics: Item: 1.25" steering wheel extender Description: Price: $25 Pics: Item: Autotecnica 350mm steering wheel Description: Price: $40 Pics: Item: T28 turbo intake pipe section Description: Was cut from intake pipe after turbo upgrade Price: $20 Pics: Item: T28 turbo snout Description: Price: $20 Pics:
  8. Hey! Im looking to buy the following parts to suit s15: Passenger Door in Pearl White Passenger Front Guard in Pearl White Rear Bumper in Pearl White Front Passenger side JDM Floor mat with diagonal lines Quietish (Legal) exhaust I'll probably think of a few other things I'm looking for. Contact me on 0431320142
  9. S13 Silvia unknown front bar

  10. S13 Silvia unknown front bar

    Item: s13 Silvia fiberglass front bar (not sure what type). Price: $200 obo Location: Ballarat, VIC Willing to post: At buyers expense Contact: O-four-31 32O one-42 -
  11. gt2871r turbo with manifold, exhaust and intake

    Bump. Only selling as I can get a good deal on a gtx turbo ATM.
  12. Item: Originally a HKS (apparently... probably doesn't matter anyway) GT2540-46t turbo, aka Garrett GT2876r, but has just had a 71mm (52t) compressor wheel and housing fitted (and balanced) by Hypergear (making it some sort of cross-bred GT2871r [52t, 0.64a/r]). Has basically no shaft play, and hasn't been used since the new compressor had been fitted. Comes with a: Stainless steel, low mount manifold; GKTech 3" dump pipe and front pipe, and 3" aluminium intake pipe. Price: $1400 Location: Ballarat, VIC Willing to post: At buyers expense Contact: O-four-31 32O one-42 -
  13. 1990 S13 Drift Ready( Able to Club Reg)

    Yeah... I bought it