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  1. S15GT 2002 Spec S GT

    Thanks guys! Installed a Turbosmart eboost street over the holidays. Quick run on the dyno and made 301hp on 18.4psi
  2. S15GT 2002 Spec S GT

    November 2019 Went in for a tune last Tuesday 19/11/19 The boost controller (turbo tech) wasn't working too well, so currently running actuator pressure 16psi Pretty happy with the power at the moment! The plan from the start was streetable power with plenty of headroom. Will most likely go down the EBC route and run a little bit more
  3. S15GT 2002 Spec S GT

    September 2019 A few new bits and peices to update! Took the rocker cover off for paint, modified to accommodate the new Tomei rocker arm stoppers and gave it a good clean out: This took some cleaning! Finished painted rocker cover: Colours are phantom mica and hotter than pink mica with polished letters Fitted back up after installing rocker arm stoppers, along with a modern metal coil pack cover:
  4. S15GT 2002 Spec S GT

    Apr 8, 2019 A few pics now that wheel alignment is sorted! and an interior shot with the new floor mats:
  5. S15GT 2002 Spec S GT

    Jan 11, 2019 Side on (still before wheel alignment and a little bit more low
  6. S15GT 2002 Spec S GT

    Jan 11, 2019 So its been a while, have been importing a few cars over the last 2 years, so the Silvia hadn't been getting much attention! Have now had a 3" turbo back exhaust custom made, running a little more boost etc. Sold the meisters and brought CR Kiwami in Sep 2018: Owned them for 2 weeks, and decided I already missed the 3 piece life, so ordered another set of VSXX in burning silver. They arrived at my door christmas eve! Sizes are 18x9 +9 R Disc 18x9.5 +14 O Disc Heres a pic from the day i fitted them up: Lowering and getting a wheel alignment today
  7. S15GT 2002 Spec S GT

    May 2017 Got the GT badges back on, shaved bonnet badge hole, and took a few pics on saturday!
  8. S15GT 2002 Spec S GT

    Got some paint correction happening on the old girl, to bring that 15 year old paint back to life! Turned out amazing: Finished: Sneaky interior shot:
  9. S15GT 2002 Spec S GT

    March 2017 5 Days after purchase: - Guards rolled - Tinted windows - Parts I have kept from previous cars fitted: - Work Meister S13P - Cusco (F) BC (R) Coilovers - Hardrace adjustable camber arms and traction rods in rear - Nismo clear indicators - Yashio Factory Gear Knob - Yashio Factory Oil Cap - MCA Real Nuts - Spac Radiator Cap - Cusco front strut brace - Tomei coilpack cover
  10. S15GT 2002 Spec S GT

    Hey guys, Finally back on here! I have had a lot of cars - Cefiro, S13, S14A, JZX100, WRX, and now up to my 4th S15. I'll share a few quick pics of my previous S15's and get to the current one! S15 Silvia has always been my dream car, and have been lucky to own a few! S15 #1 - Yellow 2001 Spec R (ADM) 122,000km I swapped my JZX100 for this. It was great, had full cusco suspension, power fc, z32, gt2871rs, and all supporting mods - making around 230kW. I couldn't get over the fact that it was yellow and a mate approached me to buy it with a offer i couln't refuse. S15 #2 - Pewter 2002 Spec R GT (ADM) 97,000km After selling my WRX and not really having a toy in the garage, I was looking around and found this one - 97,000km with log books, dead stock besides alarm and tint. I put coilovers in, and RSR exhaust, JDM pillar gauge, hardrace arms and a brand new set of Work VSXX on it. I really wanted to keep this one forever, but being 193cm and having a sunroof model - the car was too small for me. I owned it for 2 years, but after trying to modify the seat rail (pretty much seat on floor) I had to advertise for sale for a price i was happy with to part with it. Being super clean with logbooks, it sold in only 12 hours S15#3 - Aspen White 1999 Spec R (JDM) 111,000km Shortly after selling my pewter one, a friend tagged me in this white one - Super clean with all genuine aero, all japanese name parts, SSR SP1s etc. Sold the wheels and brought brand new work meister S13P in more aggressive offsets, changed suspension up and cleaned up engine bay etc. Just sold this as I had brought a new SR5 Hilux - the family car! which brings me to today.. S15 #4 - Brilliant Blue 2002 Spec S GT (ADM) 107,000km Sooo I have had a bit of history with this car. In 2005, I wanted to go to my formal in my dream car - and S15. I didn't know anyone with one, and so one day I followed a blue one (this blue one) into the car park. I asked the owner if he could take me to my formal in it, he said yes and we have always kept in touch. Every time I have sold a car, I always ask him if he would want to sell his to me. Finally, after years of asking, he is ready to move onto his next car. This is the first S15 I ever sat in, it has had one owner, with logbooks and still to this day gets serviced at nissan. 107,000km on the clock. This one is the keeper. No sunroof, and I still have my suspension and Work Meisters from the white one to go on this one! Picking it up early next week, plans will be to keep a super clean example of an S15 with Work's most iconic wheels on it! These are getting super hard to come by in this condition, So I don't plan on cutting it up for intercoolers etc - besides rolling guards nothing will be irreversible. The only things done to it are: - Chrome wheels (going this week) - Lowered springs (also going this week) - Focal splits - Alpine Type R sub in a carpeted custom corner box - Alpine IDA head unit - Alpine 4ch Amp Everything is else as it rolled off the showroom floor! Will hopefully keep the posts updated as I get rid of the Hot4s special chrome wheels, get all my parts into it etc! Parts to go on from previous S15's: - Work Meister S13P - Cusco (F) BC (R) Coilovers - Hardrace adjustable camber, toe and traction arms/rods in rear - Nismo clear indicators - Yashio Factory Gear Knob - Yashio Factory Oil Cap - MCA Real Nuts - Spac Radiator Cap Updated mods list 27/11/2019 Engine: Apexi Power FC Garrett GTX2867r Gen 2 .64 w/ Turbosmart Wastegate / 16psi Actuator Turbosmart Eboost Street EBC Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers ORC 409D Single Plate Clutch kit Plazmaman 800x600x300 Core w/ Custom Stainless Steel piping Turbosmart hose clamps Stainless Steel intake pipe HKS SSQV IV BOV Bosch Z32 AFM Apexi Pod Filter Nismo 740cc Injectors Walbro 255 Fuel Pump Yashio Factory Oil Cap Spac Radiator Cap Modern Metal Dimpled Coil Pack Cover GK Tech Clear CAS Cover GK Tech Oil Catch Can JL Fab Stainless Fusebox Cover Painted Valve Cover Suspension: Cusco (F) BC (R) Coilovers Hardrace camber arms Hardrace traction rods ZSS toe arms GK Tech Rear LCA's Cusco Type OS - Front Strut Brace MCA Real Nuts Wheels: Work VS-XX in Burning Silver Polished Lips / Chrome Hardware Front: 18x9 +9 R Disc Rear: 18x9.5 +14 O Disc Interior: Red/Black Checkered Floor Mats Turbosmart 52mm Boost Gauge in JDM A-Pillar Mount Yashio Factory Gear Knob 18% Tint Stereo: Alpine IDA head unit Focal splits Alpine Type R sub in custom corner box with new boot floor Alpine 4ch Amp Exterior: Nismo clear indicators Rolled guards Shaved Bonnet Thanks guys

    whats your budget?
  12. still for sale - sms or call zero four zero one 679 450 still for sale - sms or call zero four zero one 679 450
  13. 1x Genuine Nissan Passenger Side S15 Weathershield, brand new in box had to buy a full set to replace broken drivers side weathershield, so selling passenger side as it is not needed $130 Delivered Located Toowoomba QLD
  14. Centre Console (No Lid, Ashtray Included) $60 Radio Surround (No Buttons, 4 push in clips removed but if you have a broken one, can pull clips off it) $30 Gearboot inc surround with shift pattern (brushed chrome) - leather has a few cracks in it - $120 Prices ono Can post Aus wide Located Tooowoomba, QLD