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  1. Californication

    yay a thread for Californication looking forward to seeing the 3rd ep on monday night should be good.
  2. Saw IV

    they could've showed more. but it still looks good, can't wait to see it that was Saw 2
  3. STOLEN! R32 GTS-T

    that's really crap, hope your mate gets his car back in 1 piece D_Stirls- hope you get your plates back
  4. Movies

    Higher Learning
  5. Movies

    The Covenant was pretty good The Pursuit Of Happiness is definatelty a good movie ahh World Trade Centre- that's a good movie 300- awesome movie that is
  6. Mixed Feelings

    i don't. but my ip address would show up with my bros account aswel as mine
  7. Mixed Feelings

    kinda like ontick all over again haha
  8. Mixed Feelings

    it's a good 1 eh shouldn't be posting personal crap like that on a forum anywayz. deal with it yaself like most people on here do
  9. Mixed Feelings

    are u serious? can i? do it b4 he changes his mind
  10. Mixed Feelings

    PM you know you want to
  11. Mixed Feelings

    Results please? PM if necessary. +11ty
  12. kinky test

    Your Hotlanta Kink Test score was 216! 201 to 300 You have sweet hints of a kinky nature. haha my score went down those buttheads added more questions