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  1. SYDNEY MEET! Date TBA - Olympic Park

    Yeah well I'be finished my car and i find it hard to get to meets as i work long hours a evening one will be good homebush is a good area yeah?
  2. SYDNEY MEET! Date TBA - Olympic Park

    trying to gather if there is interest atm and go from there
  3. SYDNEY MEET! Date TBA - Olympic Park

    bump whos up for a meet?
  4. drive tonight anyone?

    whos up for a meet?
  5. Long time no see...

    would anyone be keen for a meet soon?
  6. SYDNEY MEET! Date TBA - Olympic Park

    might swing by a meet to see if NS can crack the numbers and old members still on here?
  7. SYDNEY MEET! Date TBA - Olympic Park

    these meets still happen?
  8. 180sx lazyeye

    i got a switch in mine that i can flick back and forth to the desired angle but both pop ups dont move the same time/speed so its never level unless its fully open or close to get lazy eye i would have to get mid way and then manual adjust
  9. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    Yeah bro you know it i still get around omar havent seen you in a long time you seen my new ride?
  10. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    wire up my horn? i got my car back from the smash repairers
  11. Hi Guys can someone please tell me what colour this 326 Power S14 is and if possible what colour code it is:
  12. Can someone confirm this colour please?

    oh cheers that was helpful
  13. Can someone confirm this colour please?

    What honda colour? more infor please old mate
  14. Can someone confirm this colour please?

    hmmmmm yeah i knew it was a standard nissan colour but not sure which one mmmmmm
  15. NSW thread has died in the ass

    I think the pics from last night meet can explain why the down fall from meets in nsw >_> Evo 8 was speeding down the road (infront of the meet with cars and people standing around going about 90-100km in a 50km) and t-boned a S14 doing a u-turn and with so much force spun the S14 into a Nissan Skyline GTR and the end result 3 written off cars shortly after cops rocked up and a few people got defect done and the poor bloke in the S14 had to get a ambulance S14 33
  16. NSW thread has died in the ass

    facebook killed everything everyone buys stuff off facebook and organises cruises/meets on there now no time for forums
  17. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    see we got intrest for a tech meet come on andy keep it and we can built it together with out knowledge combined u love silvias too much bro imo
  18. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    p plater tax u should sell it good for 10k easy as too
  19. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    wtf bro u make me sad
  20. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    andy shut up and finish your car
  21. josh's C33

    looks like straight out of a 90's drift tenkoyo jdm magazine good work josh
  22. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    29th is good!
  23. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    cant going out that evening but im free during the day?