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  1. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    If u want buy the stock large injector rubbers and they will fill that gap in the step up on the manifold. That's what I did with my setup.
  2. Just wondering if s14s have the same low voltage to fuel pump issue as s13. I've put a new pump in the s14 and just wondering if its worth while doing the wiring upgrade or not. I had my old s13 pump rewired as it wasn't getting correct voltage. Thanks
  3. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    Adaptronic select plug in ecus are map sensored and plug straight in! They are 1000x better than lebtec.
  4. Na well initially I thought it was gaskets or vtc setup. Spewin I didn't go right over the turbo when it was off. I've had a turbo with half the rear fins missing and it was just laggy where as this feels sluggish to drive unless I really rev it out.
  5. But it feels sluggish like timings out when it's off boost.
  6. i had turbo off last week and couldnt see any signs of cracks. i took it off to change all gaskets to eliminate that as a problem. its really annoying just wanna fix it. im pretty much at the point where it has to be vtc gear or turbo.ill wait till i get the thing driving again and test it out properly
  7. I didn't really take much notice of anything else. The main problem is when I take off in 1st gear from a stop it takes sooo long before it starts to actually get going. I've got no other experience with stock s14s but from the people I've asked they say there should be no lack of power at low rpm. I've just checked the vtc solenoid and that's working as it should. Is there anyway of checking the gear itself? It's not noisy like the videos I've seen of the vtc though.
  8. I also thought if vtc wasn't working it would still have the same top end power just lacking the bottem end response.
  9. Well if I'm rolling along in any gear just low rpm it's takes ages before it will start to take off. Specially notice it when taking off from a stop, in first gear I can hold my foot flat and it won't start to really pull for ages. Feels like my rb25 with the t67 did. Donny checked the timing and said it was ok. Also had my turbo off to check gaskets and it all seemed fine. Stock boost stock airbox stock cooler and no boost gauge. Just gotta wire my greddy elec one in.
  10. Jam RBS14 Crashed

    Wow dude worst luck! I hate Microtech for these reasons. I've seen a few now with teething little issues.
  11. Found a good thread where a guy found his lag was fixed with new cam gear but his was extremely loud rattle. I think I'll double check the solenoid first.
  12. Just wondering if anyone has some experience with s14 and the vct system, I'm aware of the common rattle but haven't found anyone with the lag issues in having. Mine might have a slight rattle but the car seems really sluggish down low. Wondering if its the vct solenoid or sprocket that's doing this? Thanks.
  13. Thanks mate. So it's defiantly 5 pin harness? And not wired in through ecu plug?
  14. I'm also aware which air temp sensor to use and where to locate it all. I've had map sensors ecus in past cars. Just a bit of mixed information on the net about the d jetro.
  15. I read that thread but the part number pic doesn't work. Also I was under the impression it's 3 pin into pfc and the air temp gets wired into the ecu plug.