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  1. Atomik 125cc

    highly considering it, wanted a big wheel, but this might do.
  2. can someone help me out with a colour!

    think from memory about 1k per litre for the 2 with chromalusion, and not a whole lot less for the cheaper one due to the amount of xryllic pearl to get the awesome flips. keeping in mind ull need about 3 litres to do a respray, maybe more depending on the extent. have fun red knob!

    as the reports states its only a marine alert, so mainly just for docks/boats/beach bums etc. if it eventuates to something at all about the worst thing that will happen will be st helens beach disappearing, so no biggy, lol.
  4. Best place in Aus to buy a sr20 half cut

    so long as the blacktop from spg is at the right price that seems like the best option tho. you will pay about an extra 1k atleast for a halfcut including the extra on freight(and trust me it is a lot extra cos its not a normal sized pallet so ussually means they only get 80% of what they normally would into the freight container/truck). also if the guy putting it in for u will be able to tell u exactly what u need once u tell him what u can already get if he has any idea what he is doin, fella named chris that works at abs derwent park is the perfect example. we had everything organised to do my 4efte>ae92 transplant, including fuel tank etc, that by the time it got here we had it in and running within 4 days, except the ecu, which most importers/wrecking yards/sss automotive wont send for another 21 days for warranty purposes, but luckily we had another one sitting there so wasnt a problem. obviously its ur call, but if spg has the majority of the goods u need at a good price, and proof of rebuild/compression test then id go for it! my 2c
  5. Best place in Aus to buy a sr20 half cut

    ah ha, knew id see this day come with this car, could call tho. i dealt with sss automotive when i was after a halfcut, was a gt starlet engine but still the same situation. they ended up talkin me into an engine package, which comprised of the engine, box, mounts, ecu, looms, intercooler, driveshafts, front brakes and hubs. basically it was a halfcut just without the shit ud normally chuck anyways, cheaper, and also saves shitloads on freight also as its only a pallet as apposed to an oversized pallet. took an extra couple of days to do it this way as they had to strip it out of the halfcut, but from memory i had it within 14 days. great guys, really helpful, WIN!
  6. if u can pull the crank angle sensor off and check to make sure the cam gears arent grinding there way into the back of it, seen a few with cam's wanting to push there way out!
  7. have 2 real show cars that r interested in entering mike, 'mystkl' and 'flutta'. both award winning cars. plus am now very interested in getting mine out there, but may be a bit of a work in progress display as i wont have found a front bar and couple other little bits by then.
  8. lol, nice one greg, its now a "show, shine & sell your stagea" day. there is a 50% chance my sil80 might make it to this day, on a trailer, maybe.
  9. whats the point?

    i think sorting out the classifieds section full stop would be mint, its all too much and too much of a mess. parts forum>make>state, latest used parts, latest new parts, sponsor parts, sponsor shops, etc etc. surely there must be a better way to sort it than this, like just having the sponsors shops, and then the part specific ones, or dropping the part specific ones and sticking with the model>state specific ones, or even better just creating a sweet search engine style thing, like carsales.com etc do for finding cars etc.
  10. small list of bits i have... brand new r32 front strut brace brand new r32 hicas lock bar without fittings pair of 180sx headlights with covers, brackets and motors r32 side mount cooler + piping L/H r32 4 door taillight L/H r33 s1 4 door taillight 2 pairs of clear taillights to suit ae92 corolla/nova sedan ep92 gt starlet front brakes/hubs/driveshafts
  11. Hilux RB20det vs 1uzfe conversion...

    here ya go pagey, this should do the job http://www.arctictrucks.com/Pages/1370 read the whole thread on the navara/f250 thing last night, thats one insane build, proves anything really is possible.
  12. just a heads up

    im sure a concerned claremont resident called the cops long before it made its way onto ns.com
  13. just a heads up

    just bogans with new toys, lol.
  14. huh? fibreglass is great if its genuine, or pre fitted stuff.
  15. cheers brendo, looks farkin tuff, so stoked to see it finished, and sshhh leave the rota's alone, dont jinx them. did ya finish off the skirt on the other side after i left ? and can u get it outa your driveway ? yeah finished the other sideskirt, same deal as the first side, and no cant get out of driveway without the assistance of a board or something, lol. u wipe rogers?