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  1. Hey, just wondering what websites everyone is looking on to suss used cars in japan? I've checked a few websites and can't find many ae86's Wherr is everyone looking? =)
  2. Samsung Galaxy S III

    Miui rom? =( Xda is pretty bare with custom roms. is that because most the moders are based in America and their still waiting for it?
  3. is there a write up any where on how to install this onto a secondary hard drive for dual boot?
  4. Samsung Galaxy S III

    got it. love it.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S III

    not keen on paying it out right, would rather get it on a plan
  6. Samsung Galaxy S III

    nothing yet
  7. Samsung Galaxy S III

    it comes with ICS, just with their normal touchwizz on top of it
  8. Samsung Galaxy S III

    being pentile isnt a deal breaker for me, i doubt ill notice it at all unless im trying to spot it out i think people got their expectations too high and are too fussy with things that barely matter
  9. ToughMudder Australia

    i did the melbourne one and it was great fun. but heres a tip for everyone. get in the first group or either days. that way you have no other groups in front of you. thats what im doing next time, it was allot of fun but the waiting at times did defeat the purpose

    wanted - 20kg olympic barbell melb.
  11. Samsung galaxy S3 leaked?

    bezel seems wayyy to small for it to be legit leaked shots
  12. Sons of Anarchy

    Just caught up.... Shit I'd going down big time! Can't wait
  13. Battlefield 3

    Should be sweet, I'm running a 2500k at 4.6 with a 6970 and I'm getting about 70-120 fps on 1080p res. But that is with AA turned off, I can't notice too much of a difference with it on or off when I'm in the hear of battle shooting planes down:P
  14. Battlefield 3

    Yeah but alway having to upgrade pc as new games come out is vert costly Well then your just gonna have to put up with the shit graphics pic the ps3
  15. Battlefield 3

    It is some what limited by what the system can do, if you want to see it all pretty like then get a decent computer and get it on that