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  1. Macbook HDD

    They are replacing the HDD and said he can have the old drive so I'll see what I can do. I did some recovery on an older Mac and still have the software so see how it goes.
  2. Macbook HDD

    USB Stick, because if I used the recovery partition on the drive itself I couldn't run a repair. Didn't work anyway. I was able to run Linux Mint off a CD but the partition looks like its damaged so couldn't see any files. Over it.
  3. Macbook HDD

    True. I don't know if its the disk, just what the Apple "Genius" told him. I was able to boot into the recovery/disk utility partition and I tried to repair the disk but it fails.
  4. Macbook HDD

    Going to try a Linux Live CD. I really don't want to pull the drive if I can avoid it.
  5. Macbook HDD

    Hi there. My friend has asked me to try and recover files from the hard drive in his Macbook Pro. He has been told the hard drive is the fault and they will replace it under warranty. I'm a be hesitant as I normally work on PCs and I'm concerned about the laptop warranty being void if I open it. Anyone know the terms on this? Cheers Mike.
  6. HAHA. Some funny stories. Shagging GF and mum knocks on the door. We pull covers up and tell her to come in. She has a book, its my baby photos. She starts showing my GF the photos and GF is doing her best to stay covered up and seem interested. After a while she realises what's going on and leaves in a hurry. Very awkward.
  7. Modem Router Issue?

    Thought I'd post and just let you guys know it was the modem. Two dodgy modems. I had purchased a few of the billion modemss and when I installed one on another connection it displayed the same issues. Replaced with TP-Link modems and all is good. The guys at Umart are telling me Billion is rubbish. I always thought they were good.
  8. Hi My 06 Liberty 2L non turbo is about due for timing belt replacement. A friend normally does my servicing but is overseas for a while so I may need to get it done elsewhere. I'm just wondering what prices to expect when I ring for some quotes. I purchased the car at around 90,000kms and its near 103,000. Thanks Michael
  9. Modem Router Issue?

    Have upgraded firmware already. This is the second modem doing this. First was an older Netgear modem. Maybe its just a fluke and both modems are having issues. Seems strange that I can't login to modem though. This would indicate local issue in my mind.
  10. Modem Router Issue?

    Windows 7 and XP on second PC. If ISP issue should still be able to log into modem. If I ring them that's the first thing they will ask me to do. Could a device on the network cause the modem to "lock up"?
  11. Modem Router Issue?

    Hi Guys I've got an issue with a home network that is driving me insane. Friend was complaining he has to power cycle his modem a few times mostly at night as internet would drop out. I did the obvious things like replace line filters, swap out modem for another, nothing seems to fix it. So It dropped out early one morning and I said don't touch anything and I'll come by and check it out. So when I get there all appropriate lights are lit up on the modem. 2 LAN lights for 2 PCs, ADSL, Internet and wireless (using a Billion 7700N modem router). No internet access and I can't login to modem router from any PC, wired or wireless until I power cycle it. Local network issue? With multiple modems? Thanks for any feedback. Michael
  12. stingy and pov people

    A mates bucks weekend just gone. I am the best man and organised the weekend with the other groomsmen. We arranged to meet with everyone for dinner after a day on the water. Anyways had a nice dinner and all that. Some ppl let early and left money on the table, a lot of which was coins lol. So bill comes and surprise we are short. It just bugs me coz I know these ppl neglect to cover their drinks and are happy for someone else to cover it. One guy was like "I might owe some more but its all good". My mate who is also a groomsman owns part of the restaurant but I don't expect him to cover it. So maybe I am tight but this just makes me frustrated.
  13. A friend of mine had their internet disconnected with no warnings about 3 years ago. Just wasn't working one day. Rang up and been told they sent warnings to an email address he didn't have setup (ISP proved one). This mate is a novice when it comes to computers and knows nothing about torrents and all that. Long story short he had no security on the adsl/wifi modem and it seems that someone close by was using it. I remember he always complained it was slow. Anyways he got rid of phone line and switch to mobile broadband as he doesn't use it much anyway. I thought it was a bit rough considering he did nothing but I guess it will teach him a thing about security, BTW it was over 3 years these warnings were supposedly sent to him. Three and then disconnected.
  14. antonio: Yer it seems to work with the Optus mobile broadband. No go with the Telstra one. Although I just realized if I establish a connection with the Telstra broadband while the LAN connection is disabled then enable it the connection to net remains. The problem with this is if the connection drops then you have to go through the process again.
  15. Ok, so I thought I had it sorted but no. The Ethernet cable had come out at ecu end and after making those changes I had internet but it was due to the cable being out. (It was late and brain was dead) So it works fine with an Optus modem but not a Telstra one. Any ideas?