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  1. Vaginal rejuvenation is not just a means to cosmetically improve the look and feel of your vagina. In fact, the procedure can contribute to a number of health benefits. However, women who are seeking non-surgical ways to enhance their lady parts are often apprehensive about spending money on a procedure. Their main contention is that the results don’t last long and thus, they have to undergo the process again to get long-lasting results. Thermiva has emerged as a viable means of rejuvenating your vagina. But, do the results make the treatment worth your while? First, you have to understand the factors that can affect the permanency of the treatment you undergo. For instance, your medical history, age, and even your genes play a major role in determining whether or not you can achieve long-lasting results with Thermiva. Other factors that affect the condition of your skin can also influence your vaginal health. For example, your hormones have a direct impact on the health of your vagina, and also affect skin laxity. Therefore, if your hormones are out of balance, you might not get decent results with the treatment. However, do keep in mind that this relates mainly to your health and not to the quality of the solution itself. Perhaps the most pertinent factor you need to consider is the purpose for which you are seeking treatment. For example, not all women deal with laxity of both the labia majora and the labia minora. Now, in the case of majora laxity, results are evident from the first session of treatment. Over time, you will go through multiple sessions before you achieve the results you are seeking. Additional treatment might also be necessary. That said, stats collected from patients who use Thermiva are encouraging. More than half the women who underwent the treatment are significantly pleased with the results. Depending on your specific condition, you might have to use supplemental treatments or solutions. For instance, the treatment might not help you overcome incontinence or improve your sex life. However, when combined with other non-invasive and non-surgical treatments, Thermiva proves a safe and affordable way to achieve vaginal rejuvenation. The bottom-line is that you can definitely consider this treatment. The time and money you spend are worth your while. The only catch is that you have to be aware of the factors that determine whether or not the results are long-lasting. In other words, a little effort can go a long way towards helping you achieve long-lasting results with Thermiva. For more details about thermiva Miami, you may visit their website http://www.cosmeticlasergynecology.com