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  1. R.I.P. Minh James

    R.I.P condolences to his family and friends. Yet another reminder to drive safe.
  2. November Movember Cruise

    I'll be there Bec. If i have my licence i'll be driver if not ive got dibbs on front seat in your car
  3. In what month were you born

    7th of feb My brothers birthday is the last day of aug, dads is the last day of sept, and my other brothers the last day of dec..
  4. Mothers day whoring

    rofl. You came out her vagina, and woke her up every night for a very long time. Shes aloud to complain..
  5. custom piping

    looks good Phillippppppee
  6. It looks so much nicer!!! and from what i saw from a display in Rundle Mall its a lot more functional.
  7. Hmmmm. Well........ You and your wife need to be prepared to live off one wage for a while. For some women it is imposable to work while pregnant. So having a bit saved away might be a good idea. Also finding out about maternity leave, how much she is entitled for if any. Having a child is f**king scary! If you talk to your wife about it i'm sure you'll find out she has the same fears. Its a huge change going from a couple to a family. You can give a child a beautiful and loving life without spending heaps of money. Babies need love (and food of course) more then anything, and its a fathers natural instinct to love his child. Also remember, for some couples it can take years to fall pregnant. Good luck to you and your wife!
  8. Jumper on North Tce!

    RIP. Did quite a bit of damage!
  9. Myspace Help

    hahahaha we have the same birthday.. except im a tad younger...
  10. Tesla inspired Xmas tree

  11. Damn that shit is interesting..
  12. Congrats on your new little family She looks beautiful!! I hope you and mum have settled into your new sleep deprived life well..
  13. Gift ideas for a guy?

    Your own gf doesn't know you well enough to know what you need or would like for a present? How long have you been with her for?
  14. The Girls Thread.

    *sigh* I hate Christmas shopping.. I'm getting my brother a girls of the playboy mansion calendar but thats all i've figured out so far.. and i still have to find it in the shops! 2 months old bubs, clothes are always helpful, things they can grab and shake, soft toys, the list goes on..