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  1. cold start FAIL.

    try checking your AFM too and maybe cleaning it CAREFULLY with some electrical contact cleaner. I had 2 dead/dying AFM's do this to me.

    MODEL OF CAR? S15 CAR’S PURPOSE? Street DESIRED CAMBER FRONT AND REAR (IF KNOWN)? not looking to change from stock suspension at this point SUSPENSION MODS? none all stock DESIRED LEVEL OF GUARD WORK? hoping to avoid guard work at this stage STRETCHED TYRES OR NOT? was looking at 225's for the front and 245's or 265's on the rear, not sure how the 265's will fit with stock guards. DESIRED WHEEL WIDTHS? front 8" rear 9" DESIRED WHEEL SIZE? 18's front and back OTHER IMPORTANT NOTES? Will be Work XD9's with +35 front and +43 rear offset
  3. Would I be right in thinking a set of 17x9.5 +38 rears and 17x8 +38 Fronts would fit perfectly with stock S15 suspension without sticking outside the guards?
  4. I am in need of an airbox or enclosure to cover the pod filter in my s13, something like http://nissansilvia.com/classifieds/viewlisting.php?view=150 but for an S13. I've had a browse through the sponsors but haven't found exactly what I need, anyone know where to get one?
  5. Defected :(

    ticked Full - F*** that is so shit.
  6. Defected :(

    yeah well i wasn't so lucky. more to the point do I only have to fix what they listed on the notice or fix anything that is defectable?
  7. Defected :(

    Hey guys, Looking for a list of what things will be checked when i go for a blue slip due to my defect notice. Got done for Exhaust, Suspension, BOV, open air filter and FMIC. These things I can fix but I want to know what else they are going to check when i get the inspection as there may be 1 or 2 items they didn't pick up on. So does anyone have a checklist for the inspection so I can go over it and make sure I will pass? thanks.
  8. Help! SR Electrical Problems

    your flux capacitor is broken.
  9. Nismo Gear knobs

    any sponsors on here sell the black resin gear knobs? like this
  10. Sydney drifters unite cruise..

    maybe i should show my face for this one OH HAI GUYS
  11. NS.Com NSW Monthly Meet

    I'm back bitchez, lets do something! It's been too long.
  12. Guess how much cash i got in my hand n1ggaz

    wow someone just got a bank loan - fail.
  13. you'll need to get it tuned either way, your car will start but there's no telling if the tune is safe for your motor.