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  1. cheap tires

  2. Got some warnings at work... Basically I still try to log on at work every now and then. Network administrator has personally given me last warning as ns.com makes the network go a bit haywire? Anyways... fix this sh!t or we are all doomed! DOOMED I TELLS YA!
  3. Yeah I get warnings and also site blockages at work now. Apparently site is now blacklisted through work servers!?!?! :/ Both on Chrome and Firefox... Have to turn off all the security just to browse at home only. FMD
  4. new seat is fraking heavy

    Fell off my seat on that pic! LMFAO My seat is a computer seat btw... not a monza. Just a standard 5 wheel and no armrest computer seat.
  5. Are you a female by any chance? Welcome to nissansilvia
  6. If you drive with 02 sensor unplugged and it is no different to it plugged then you have found your answer to the problem.
  7. Man Vs Wild Insane Episode

    Yet only 1 in 5 will believe the statistic
  8. Man Vs Wild Insane Episode

    The stuff he does is pretty full on... Acting will only go so far. One tough mofo with a strong stomach.
  9. My ER-6n & R6 (Racebike)

    Love the kawi champ. The orange colour really pops.
  10. s15 Standard Bov...

    Obviously the spring has it's own force. The pressure will over come that. Hence, you can't physically hold any more unless you squash the top down.
  11. Wheres some good motorcycle gear and accessories places?

    Mate head down to Phillip Island: Bikers Gear Australia www.bikersgearaustralia.com.au I've purchased the full race leathers and they are awesome for the price.
  12. Clutch Problems

    Clutch is on the way out... Had the same thing with mine, gradually got higher and higher and it slipped on boost as well. Prepare to replace the clutch.
  13. Like brake pads, clutches don't last forever. just go with an organic clutch plate for best street driving. Anyhing more is either too harsh or too unfriendly for the street.
  14. Don't go ceramic for the street... it's just too hard on the drive line, since it is suited to race track, where you go full pelt, not off/on like city driving. There's also this one http://nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=437720 Go by the Exedy recommendations.
  15. *** pics of the day ***

    Nah the rear hatch is from a supra... It looks like the went to a bit of effort grafting it onto the rear and blending it into the AU Falcon tail. It's just so hideous, words can not describe how bad it is