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  1. GOODBYE Just Car Insurance...

    I also only have third party fire and theft , the main reason is the value they were prepared to cover the car for was no where near enough, so if it ever was written off similar to what you said I would also be in a better position to keep the wreck and re shell or even part out.
  2. GOODBYE Just Car Insurance...

    That's new , it never used to
  3. GOODBYE Just Car Insurance...

    You could also try Lumley Special Vehicles who are owned by the same company as NRMA also in regard the CTP NRMA greens slips are more expensive because they are the only one that cover personal injury to you as the driver, All other green slips only cover personal injury to everyone else which a lot of people don't know.
  4. WTB - SR16VE Rods

    Maybe talk to Advance Motor Mechanics they built a SR16VET in a rwd SR20 block before , they also may have SR16 pistons from the one they pull heads off
  5. WTB - SR16VE Rods

    Maybe talk to Advance Motor Mechanics they built a SR16VET in a rwd SR20 block before video below they also may have SR16 pistons from the ones they pull heads off. Edit not sure why it double posted?
  6. Datsun Day 2015

    Thanks , Haha Yea good call , check it out next year happens at the same place ever year. Cant believe nobody's said anything about the blue 1600 with the wrx engine in- it very different .
  7. Datsun Day 2015

    Datsun day 2015 , phone pics sorry - if anyone has better pics please throw em up.
  8. Yea well you can't weld alluminum to steel so you need steel fittings, simple as that.
  9. If money was no object my garage would consist of Lexus GS F (when it come out) for daily Finish building my s13 street / drag Datsun 510 SSS Coupe for fun R35 GTR because it's my dream car and for some circuit work And either a Koningseg or Lamborghini Aventador for when I feel like being car jacked.
  10. Everything still for sale, slightly negotiable on price guys , The dollar is crap now you won't buys these cheaper direct from Mazworx
  11. r33 brembos $500 bucks? Maybe for a pair of rears only. I found Evo brembos are actually cheaper than R33/34 Brembos.
  12. Still have the main caps , no other VE parts for sale other than the oil pump though. I'll send you an SMS.
  13. What plugs ?

    I put brand new iridiums in my car before I took it to get tuned , I picked up my car after tuning and the tuner gave me back a box with the iridium plugs in it and told me he swaped them out for copper plugs dont know why but the tuners seem to preffer copper?
  14. Brand new OEM SR16/20VE oil pump never fitted $320 Brand new Mazworx SR20 1/2 inch main studs and billet main cap set never fitted $880 Parts located in Sydney not wanting to ship . pm me if interested. For sale: