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    ROFL @ the Takumi pic Cool pets, I see my family dog once a fortnite. I'll see if I can get a pic this weekend when I go visit the oldies. Sid180: Daym that's a hi-res close-up of your cat.
  2. anyone know their carbys?

    Mate, best to take a pic so we can see what you're on about. The only screw I can think of on a carb is the mixture screw, which adjust the A\F ratio at idle and low rpm. But oil wont seep from there. Carbs also require periodic cleaning with (u guessed it) a can of carb cleaner. Minute particles of dirt gets stuck in the jets and deposited on the passage ways over time. I'm interested to hear what the pros suggests, cause I havent played with carbs for a number of yrs.
  3. Turbo Gaskets

    S13 I presume ? The 2 manifold gaskets (block to manifold & manifold to turbo) are $56.50 from Nissan. About 3-4 hrs worth of labour, depending on if any bolts snap.
  4. The Pigeon Flutter pic

    LOL! This brings me back..... *wipe tear from eye* The first time I viewed the thread, I was hurting from laughing so hard. On the up side, I've noticed a lot less ppl running atmos or flutter on turbo cars since.
  5. Check out my response in Here I still got 1/2 can of the solvent, u're welcome to pick it up if you're heading down to Sydney.
  6. Yep, I know what u mean, it's like a necklace which directs the attention to the cleavage. Or a G-string popping over the top of low-riders. You just cant help but stare
  7. Grunts are not uncommon in gyms, but when someone lets rips a fart, the whole place cracks up Not to mention a quick shuffle of positioning away from the "no go zone". Where are the pix of the gym outfits (ala dodgeball) ?
  8. I drive by that shop everytime I go into the city. Usually a GTR out the front, R34 White, from memory. One more from my IE bookmarks: HitMan Units 37 & 38 / 37-47 Borec Rd, Penrith Contact - http://www.hitman.hm/contact.htm I think there's a workshop in Castle Hills, and there's Unique Autosport. I'm not sure of location or what they do.
  9. Hi all, I was looking for a thread which had the workshops in Sydney that service our cars (S13\14\15, SR, CA, RB, etcetc). This may include general servicing, repairs, tuning, custom mods, etcetc... Anyways, I couldnt find the thread (if there is one), so I'd thought it'll be beneficial if everyone can contribute and make up a directory of workshops. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- General format\information: Name Location Contact (website, phone, fax) ?Your experience with them ?Their area of specialty ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll start off with a few off the top of my head - Proconcept 1a Mellor St West Ryde 2114 (02) 9807 4488 Unigroup Engineering Unit 17, 17a Amax Avenue, Girraween, 2145 9631 2470 http://www.unigroup.com.au/ BEL Garage 19 Clapham Road, Regents Park, 2143 9645 6608 www.belgarage.com.au CRD-Croydon Racing Developments 9 Blaxland Street, Silverwater 2128 9648 4264 www.croydonracingdevelopments.com/ Advan Performance 137 Silverwater rd, Silverwater 2128 96471326 www.advanperformance.com.au/ SAS - Silverwater Automotive Services Unit 1/141 Silverwater Road, Silverwater 9748 1300 www.dynotuning.com.au/ Autosport Engineering 155 Bath Rd Kirrawee 2232 9521 1388 POWERTUNE AUSTRALIA 86 Seville Street Fairfield East NSW 2165 9724 0606 http://powertune.com.au/ I know there's more, but I've forgotten their name and info. So help me out.
  10. Nope. I spend within my means, and it improves my standard of living and enjoyment of life. (on the right windy road, on the right day, with the right car, there's no other place I want to be) From a purely economic point of view, of course it's a waste of money. But then, if u take that view, then u'll be driving an Excel and putting the money into your first home\holiday\whatever.
  11. This is a Link which I refer to quite often for breaking in engines. Although it's written for smaller capacity motobike engines, it's applicable to all 4 strokes engines as well. And there are plenty of bikes with 1.2-1.4 litre engines. The gist of it: 1) Make sure the engine is warm (at operating temp). 2) Vary the gears and rpm. 3) Run it hard, dont baby it, and dont bog the engine.
  12. I just ripped the shield off, and the double-sided sticky tape beneath will remain. To remove that, read THIS From my experience, not much paint came off because the tape is still stuck onto it. Removing the tape with the solvent will not cause the paint to flake or peel. But if u use a knife or scraper to remove the tape, then there'll be a chance of the paint beening scraped off as well. In which case, just use some touch up paint to fix it. Or borrow your gf's nail polish.
  13. Looks like the s. shifter I bought [click HERE ] #4 - dunno where that's from. #1 - that's the tapered bit I was refering to in the link above. It allows the vinyl boot eyelet to sit on top of it. Without it, it'll just slide down the shifter, instead of forming the USD cone shape. If u dont have a boot, then I guess u dont need it. Personally, I wouldnt cut & rejoin the shifter shaft.
  14. Need expert opinion

    Thanx for the advice so far. Fatty: Can u PM me the price for the job, so I know what I might be in for. Changaz: "Removing the top of the manifold" - I presume that's the "runners" ? It looks complex and interwined with so many other items. Nevertheless, I'll have a closer look tomorrow after I drain and remove the radiator and shroud. I noticed the coolant reservoir bottle level dropping, and there was drips coming from underneath the car after I park. Then, I just trace my eye over the area above where the coolant is dripping from. And dried up coolant marks shows up white on a black radiator hose. Plus, I look over my engine bay at least once a week. Check all levels and just admire the engine.
  15. H4 bulbs via Powerbulb

    Sounds good. What brand and model were the bulbs ? They're doing a 2 for 1 offer on their in house bulbs, so they'll deliver 2 pairs of H4's for about $40. One for u, one for a mate, or as spares. [i should post this in the general forum, this forum has relatively little traffic.]