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  1. 200rwkw -> 250rwkw

    depending on how your drive 250rwkw should be fine with the standard box, just dont go kicking the clutch too much haha
  2. if its of any use to you, im just about to order a 87mm x 1.0mm head gasket for my 180sx which is making around 300ish hp or around 230 ish rwkw. hoping that once i put the 850cc injectors in that i have waiting for it, a touch more boost and compression ill be around the 250rwkw. the extra compression will do you favours in response but the downside is that you wont be able to run as much ignition timing as you would've before. but thats where e85 or e-flex comes in handy also, ive got 86.5mm pistons so the gasket is 0.5mm larger than the bore, or 0.25mm either side or if you like imperial measurements about 0.010" or to put it simply sweet f*^k all
  3. Camber adjustments for noob drifter?

    id add something if i could but after that response theres nothing more to be said!
  4. good to see this finally tuned and running! make sure you let me know when you're heading out paul, id love to come out and check it out!

    Yeah that idiot female on the page made it out to be not a big deal, Badmouthing PV's support etc. etc. theres a whole lot of history behind that.. however, i would not go without powervehicles support and would do anything required to get it also, even if it ment paying an extra few $$ on the car. with out powervehicles at the track, these trips would be a WHOLE lot harder!
  6. the tyre rule sounds good! looking forward to it, hopefully there will be spots available for the last 2 rounds!
  7. its true... on both accounts. i drove a silvia a while back that had stock knuckles and i looped it first few laps cause i was going for the same angle as i would in my car haha. people need to drive the shit out of their cars with basic set ups and once your hitting lock stops lap after lap and holding it then modified knuckles will further improve your abilities.. not the other way around im one of those people that went with knuckles too early. in fact i was probably one of the first guys running them at oran park back in 2009 after id only been drifting for a few months. anyways, going back to standard knuckles in my mates 180 was great fun! feeling the front end slide on entries was something that i had never really experienced before! +2 for staying with standard knuckles and a basic set-up until you're consistently killing it
  8. Stock sr20de drift

    ^^^^^ this!
  9. cheers man, PM replied
  10. haha yeah its the beige one that sounds like shite but never mind that, if its reliable and i get baulk track time im not going to be complaining and it will most probably be for sale after i get back just in time for summer matsuri, so if you're keen and its still in one piece let me know. ill throw up a for sale ad once im done with it as well
  11. sr's with low power never really seem to have an issue though, at least if you steer clear of the rev limiter, and the boxes last if you dont rape them as well. one of my mates bought a jzx100 missile and bought it because it would be reliable..... but it lasted 2 and 1/2 days and then bottom end knock but its always a bit of a gamble! im hoping it was as reliable as it was for leigh thats for sure!
  12. $1800 aud for an SR C33 laurel missile, knuckles, nardi wheel and bride seat. shimmed diff. needs a front LCA but thats about it. got it off a dude in victoria, Leigh O'sullivan, it served him well at autumn matsuri so im hoping it will do the same for me in june im thinking about throwing a lower ratio diff into it though to help it accelerate a bit quicker with only basic engine mods :/ haha ps. it will probably be for sale after i use it in June, so if you're chasing a car for anytime after june.. let me know price will vary on the amount of tyres it comes with, any more damage done and whether i change the diff to a lower ratio item
  13. NSW Sydney Luddenham Raceway

    prelim plans for tracks are being drafted up at the moment and will be submitted to council pretty soon. its looking pretty sweet atm
  14. go karting

    no worries haha ive got a few mates that were state champ's etc a fair while ago, so they've been a good source of info. senior clubman is looking like the class for me. so an arrow / crg / tony kart with a KT100cc 2 stroke engine is looking like the go and by the looks of it i should be able to get into one for around the $2500-4000 ready to race. i dont need to be the best, just want to have fun racing and trying to better my driving ive worked out that its not just drifting that i love, but all things motorsport. drifting, motogp/superbikes, go-karts, time attack etc... i love it all haha
  15. go karting

    hey guys, i went and tried out the hire karts at cameron park's (newcastle) kart track and it was epic fun! being from a drifting background it was difficult to put together a smooth lap however i was having great fun trying to do that! just wondering how many people here are into go-karting as well as their track cars? if you are, do you race? what kart/class do you run in? and what would you suggest for a newbie from a competition drifting back ground get involved with? any information would be fantastic Cheers Brendan