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  1. Rex Kelway sucks.

    Just passing through. You're right Mr James, PM message box is cleared! Should be good now... Rex hasn't forgotten aboot this thread either. Will update in due course.
  2. S13 SR20 flywheel options

    Rex uses a TODA CrMo flywheel around 4.5kg in his daily driver and its the single best thing He's ever fitted. The flywheel completely changes the way the motor works. Most standard SR's feel strained and harsh as they go past the 5800rpm mark. They'll do it without any real hassle but it feels like its a bit pointless and like the motor itself hates you for doing it. When He fitted the lightweight flywheel the engine sprung into life. It span like a circular saw; clean and effortlessly all the way to redline. The motors response is razor sharp. Also accelerates noticeably better. There may be no measurable power difference dyno wise but when accelerating it feels like the whole car is 100Kg lighter or has found 15kw all over the place. After a few years now whenever Rex drives other SR's with stock flywheels regardless of how much power they make, they feel somehow a little 'fat' or sluggish. Its a difficult thing to explain. Forget the Japanese 'loses torque on the uphill' or when people say you lose torque or they're difficult to drive, its all bollocks. The ONLY downside is that when the A/C is on the pump pulls the revs down a little too fast between gears. You can learn to deal with that though...
  3. AE86, Glad to hear you've found a solution to what you consider a problem. For the benefit of the community, those who feel they have a similar problem and to leave this thread better than a piss-take can you please describe the problem in greater detail. Such as: - Your driving style when it presents, are you shifting gears fast or slow. Is it a traffic thing or 'spirited' driving thing? - Any exacerbating factors, such as A/C or Alternator load. - Other mods that may affect or present as similar. For example a Z32 AFM on a clear inlet pipe can be sensitive, prone to stalling at times when crawling. - Is it the sort of problem that is an excessive function of the flywheel itself or is it in another area. - Can the problem be driven around? Is it unbearable? Or is it a tweak to perfect the vehicle? Those sort of things. Also please show what the part is you have found that you were looking for. Did it work? How has the driving experience improved. These sorts of things are crucial in improving the information available to/in the community. Otherwise every thread poorly worded and imprecise deteriorates into nonsense. The better the info you can provide, the better the response will be.
  4. 4AGZE Supercharged to TurboCharged

    Stupercharger is brilliant for stock motor to 130kw or so. Very drivable and excellent daily motor. Its not an exciting thing though, the PD style blower just makes it feel like a 3L motor. If you're going to modify it and hope to make more power go turbo immediately. Keep your turbo size reasonable, T25/28, Subaru TD04 etc Either way, the T50 gearbox needs some mechanical sympathy with boost. Rex has a turbo manifold sitting around if you're interested :naughty:
  5. Let Rex get this straight. You have a lightweight flywheel, and are unhappy with the responsiveness of the motor? Responsiveness being a key result of a light-weight flywheel. The answer seems simple, fit a standard flywheel? Occams Razor. Rex is a big advocate of the light flywheels. His 180SS uses the lightest possible TODA unit and there is absolutely nothing to fault aside from when the A/C is on. He could never envisage a scenario in which a lag in response would be a gain.
  6. Rex Kelway sucks.

    mUnky-matt, manna13 is correct, Its 2000 model ex-Auspost CT110. This one was a pain in the arse as its possibly the most un-suitable base for a cafe racer project. He actually built it because it was so unsuitable. Basically it was a test to see if Rex had the 'eye' for the style before molesting something more valuable. After all if you can make a convincing Cafe Racer from a postie-bike surely you can do anything :thumbsup: As Rex builds the stuff the cost isn't really the issue but If you had to pay someone to do it there's about 100hrs in the stupid thing because every little thing had to be designed and built. The frame was trimmed, modified and reinforced. rear-set's, linkages, muffler, seat, clip-ons, lighting brackets, cables etc have to be built as parts from other bikes or off the shelf just don't work or are too large. Rex was about to build a tank but then came across the CB200 tank which was an absolute fluke! Then there's testing and re-jetting the carb as with no airbox and an open exhaust the tuning is waaaayy off. At first it shot foot long lean blue flames from the exhaust on over-run. Luckily the carb is a piece of piss to work on. The amount of work building parts for the Cafe Postie makes feel Rex's CB400F a walk in the park, while someone carries you, sedan chair style... Some more: As Rex's mentioned before He prefers short and direct runners. After all, the less energy you lose through long twisting runners pays off with better response, earlier boost, less thermal mass, better maximum flow potential etc etc. Its also considerably easier to build, which on top of all its benefits makes it cheaper. This is his favourite manifold design bar none. He's built this style for 4AG's for 10 years or so. However its not the most flexible design in terms of turbo location so it can't be used in every case. A mate purchsed the old Race-Flo AE86 (which is possessed by failure) and Rex decided to see if the design was compatible with the SR20. It certainly looks like it will work swimmingly. T4 Single entry to suit 1JZ VVt. This one is set quite forwards as the car has the motor sunk quite deep into the firewall. This is also why runner six travels under runner 5. It's to make space that's needed for the exhaust to get past. The direction a turbo scrolls changes the manifold design quite a bit. RB25DET High mount w/internal wastegate, and modified + extended actuator. Basic (budget) Michael Bolt-in half cage for street Datsarn 1600. Notice the FIA spec slipper joints? if anyone tries to tell you the Cambug style tube adapters are a CAMS approved jointing method, they are talking bollocks. More to come, fingers bleeding...
  7. Rex Kelway sucks.

    Clark Rubber usually, its under the name pinch-weld.
  8. Rex Kelway sucks.

    Well, Its been a while and like any neglected child The Rex fabrication thread is crying for His attention. He has a few pieces so He'll try feed them through on a more, errr regular basis... ala Bran overdose. Firstly this is Rex's little Cafe Racer He threw together literally to see IF it could be done convincingly. That statement makes more sense when you realise what the base bike actually is and just how many of the small details are completely custom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jkvBRkvALY
  9. At least Rex doesnt build bombs...

    Sorry Bling, that would be commercial. Check the confectionary forum for Milo deals from forum sponsors!
  10. If you're older than 28 you may appreciate this. In the late 90's Australia lost a beloved friend, The original Milo bar. Replaced with a hollow intruder, a pretender to the throne... Rex was looking at His press one day and with a spare half an hour went a little mental.
  11. Rex Kelway sucks.

    The car is still to be pulled apart for painting etc. Rex recommended either the inside of the box be lined or the exhaust itself wrapped when its put into service. A few more to add: The owner is quite tall and wanted his new momo seat mounted as low as could be practically achieved. This is what ti took... Reinforcement of the mounting points on the floor. The rail was also replaced on the underside of the car. Ultra low side mount fixed rails. The rails bolt down through the reinforced sections and have large bevelled 50x50x3 spreader washers on the underside. When mounted the base of the seat is approx 3mm from the floor. That's what is required if your a tall man hell bent on racing a tiny car. Floor mounted pedal box and tilton reserviour set. Wrapped low-mount manifold for Tomei ARMS thing. And lastly and update from another past turbo system which has been up and kicking arse for a while. High-mount manifold and pipework are Rex's but the tubs are a His world famous weld in set installed buy the owner. These TD06 setups all belt out considerably more than 300rwkw without batting an eyelid. Still more to come
  12. Rex Kelway sucks.

    The customer is always right. apparently... Although in it's defence at its intended race height there wouldn't be room under the car.
  13. Rex Kelway sucks.

    Another one. This is the exhaust for the green TA22 Celica Rex did the rollcage for a while ago. The owner is planning on going sports sedan racing and was wanted the exhaust to be run through the car. Still more to come...
  14. Rex Kelway sucks.

    Whip up implies it'd be akin to making pancakes. Sadly building V8 headers considerably more difficult, even without maple syrup. Made more difficult when the donor car is a large saloon and the FC is an FC. Not the sort of thing Rex could price from the top of his bonce.
  15. Rex Kelway sucks.

    This is Rex's little race car. It used to be used for club rally sprints and intro-rallies for about three years but it's now being reworked as Rex would like to do some improved production racing. The car is being given a full rework and freshen up for its new life. These first few pics are if it fitted to a rotisserie for seam-welding. The rear has been modified to accept a standard 65mm ID motorsport spring for tuning and height adjustment. A large factory pressed spring cup was unpicked from the body and removed. In its place a spreader plate for the new spring to sit on. He'still has to machine the upper spring retainers to bolt-in but the chassis side is there. During it's rally life the car had a fairly hard time. This plate repairs a damaged section of rail above the crossmember. Nothing fancy but it had to be shapd to replace what was there originally. Other than that the IPRA rules are quite firm modificaton wise so there's not too much that can be done. No tubs, no reinforcement, nothing... Plenty more to come!