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  1. This is a fantastic idea that you and your buddys have come across. Its great your showing the realism involved the ups and downs. Keep up the good work and after the 365 days should be interesting to see the end results.
  2. CHOP Request Thread

    Can some one please change both of these pictures so the colour of the car is white....Thanks in advance
  3. Breakfast @ QR 2

    sorry mate, not this one...
  4. Breakfast @ QR 2

    loving the poster lol
  5. GTR Owners Club Roll Call

    Just picked up an absolutely mint R34 GTR
  6. PPW 350z

    Yes its now sold
  7. Welcome 2011/Flood Victims Charity Cruise

    is htere a pic thread to this somewhere or hasnt it been started yet... i was busy doing jelly shots last night so spewing i missed it
  8. PPW 350z

  9. White 350z for sale

    Guys have my 350 for sale please see the link, open to offers. Genuine sale My 350
  10. n00bis 350z

    Mines for sale if your interested
  11. Has anyone dealt with this importer

    Nah just means his afetr a cash sale. But i did ring him, his a personal importer and has about 5 S15s that his about to put up. I have emailed him and asked for auction papers so hopefully he sends them through so i can check his cars havent been in accidents etc.
  12. Im looking for an S15 for my mrs when i noticed this guys on car sales seems to have a few fresh imports for sale. His name is moe and his located in glenmore park. Here is a link to the ad HERE Just wondering if anyone has bought cars of this guys etc etc...experiences
  13. AJM Motorsport professionalism

    Fair call silvieson, I have said my point on why i put it up and my actions with the boost thread, Im out of this one if it gets closed.
  14. AJM Motorsport professionalism

    I just posted this merely for people that may be looking to buy a car of these guys not to big note myself. I actually posted it up after the owners first post because i couldnt believe there attitude. I didnt post this up trying to look like a tough guy or anything else, also if you read a lot of the comments there is a lot of factual information in there and yes a lot of bullshit aswell. Also i wasnt trying to act like a tough guy, i think putting pressure on the business owner because of there service and quality of product is poor and seeing what their reaction, its a fair point. If you werent happy, for example with some work done on your car, wouldnt you be demanding answers from the owner and gauging there reaction on what they are going to do to fix it.... just another view point mate, im not trying to start any arguments but merely stating why I said what I did to him.
  15. AJM Motorsport professionalism

    Thats exactly why I was posting up, im not trying to brag or anything. I would just like to warn others before they deal with this company if the boss has that sort of attitude.