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  1. EBC pads cheap sponsor

    Try Shock systems ? http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=298470
  2. ignition probs

    So lights windows ect.. work? you getting reds? trigger wire to the starter on there?
  3. Hi all have searched with no luck hopefully someone here will be able to tell me quicker.. Nut sizes for turbo to manifold on a ca18det T25 Thanks all
  4. If your talking about the clutch fan I agree with Paul F ..I think of it as like and oil inside the fan coupling as this liquid gets hotter from friction of it slipping it gets stickier and spins the fan faster...this may seem a bit crazy but hold a finger on the fan blade or the end of a hammer is your scared lol and get someone else to start the car when cold you'll notice there is not much resistance but as it warms it will wants to spin the fan more and more..yes it will always spin
  5. HAHAHA Thread full of GOLD I must say ..Yep Just left it on .. I've sat back and pretty much just read this site for years threads such as "How stupid your first post was" ect I was just saving up for a time of pure stupidity now now "inbred banana" that's pushing some boundaries jks Hey if I've made some people laugh even if it's at my expense
  6. Bwahahahaha flame away guys I dropped the handbrake and bingo..I'll put my flame suit on now You'd think after owning it for over 5 yrs I would relize hahahha SORRY Thanks Paul F you hit the nail on the head I feel like the biggest dip Sh*t I never even took it for a drive cause I was like WTF
  7. Hmmm yes it is red,brake fluid seems fine checked that before ill go check the plug right now..whoops sorry CA S13 OK fluid is fine unpluged and repluged still stays on even got little bro to watch the light and riggled the plug stayed on the whole time
  8. OK so after removing catback and fitting another and changing oil. I now have the third light from the right on the dash on constantly (looks like an exclamation mark in a circle) between oil pressure and door light. can anyone tell me what this light is?? I have the manual on another computer but cant get to it atm. Also I did search and got about 50 million posts on the cat/exhaust overheat light.... thanks in advance Josh
  9. OPEN when COLD, SHUT when HOT I found mine wasn't letting enough air through when cold and tore it apart and bent the bimetal a little to get a bit more air through when cold sealed her all up again and lifted my idle quite a bit..I had a cold start issue for ages and tried everything before I done this and it has done the trick for me

    Spotted Two tone S13 in dalby today .....seen it in there a few times now if your on here say G'day I was in the black s13 that turned off toward Jimbour..Looks nice mate
  11. All i want from Christmas

    All I want from christmas is: Is too be with my family
  12. Ctrl + V Thread

  13. Awesome Luv it.. they totally deserved what they got... Big uppercut! ROFLOL

    Seen a very clean s14 at the lights near reddie hospital this arvo.