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  1. Stagea

    Nice car for the family/cruiser. The c34's are very volvo'y
  2. Ea to drift?

    Don't forget a bottle of Chemiweld!
  3. R31 SPECS !

    www.askjeeves.com www.dogpile.com
  4. WTB s13 dimmer switch

  5. R31 Boss kit HELP!

    I have one.. PM me if interested.
  6. S13 badging

    Can you direct me to the reference the headlights being on both J's and A's? Not that I don't believe you, I just don't like non factual posts.. And regarding the digital/analogue heater control are you referring to the analogue controls with the 3 segments.. eg Because that's digital, it doesn't have to have a LCD screen to be 'digital' im comparing the cable type that directly controls the blend door, to the digital that has a blend door motor that uses the ambient air temperature sensor.. Here's a link to how it all works, its pretty basic but you should get the idea.. http://www.newyorkeronline.org/m-r/HVAC/AutoTemp/
  7. eBay seller help!

    Still worth making a PayPal complaint, as it will initiate the dialogue between seller and buyer. I had zero response from some asshole seller until I raised a PayPal complaint, then I received immediate contact. Totally agree, as soon as a dispute is opened, its like opening the portal of communication.. ^ See this thundercat has obviously just opened a dispute, he's now so chilled he's using his man satchel as a f**king foot rest..
  8. eBay seller help!

    455 feedback @ 100% positive for the last 12 months, looks legit, maybe he's got a genuine excuse.. :/
  9. eBay seller help!

    I'm guessing you didn't use PayPal and direct deposited?
  10. S13 badging

    Ah very good, I wouldn't stress about not having a Club, they usually just have pearl paint, and a couple of goodies like Super HICAS II, nothing special.. Personally I like the J's 'Brick' headlights, swap out the glass for some clear poly-carbonate covers and they would nearly sway me to get another monorail Silvia.. Have a google search of them.. And FYI, my username is ONE_VIA_S13 and my display pic is Shamal, I highly suggest everyone on HT change thier DP to it, it's would make the Vic community so so joyfully happy..
  11. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

  12. S13 badging

    Sounds like that S13 got all the leftover CA stuff.. like R33 'series 1.5's' they are very mixed in what they left the factory with..