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  1. The late Ben Simpson (aka dr1ft_pig13) Annual Memorial Cruise is now known as the Youth Suicide Meet & Awareness Cruise, we hope you can join us, a JDM representation would be awesome. The Olds Jules & Mark https://www.facebook.com/events/493501691130361/
  2. Newbie Greeting

    WELCOME to the forums...nice rides OLD Mark
  3. Not exactly new, but Hello for the first time :)

    WELCOME to the forums, tech forums are great for info. OLD Mark
  4. My Rb26 S15 Project

    Welcome to the forums...great project OLD Mark
  5. As promised, My 180sx Type X photo!

    Very nice...congrat's
  6. NEW Female Future Drifter , Sharing Track Car Teenage Son

    WELCOME to the forums....jump on FB and look for James D Mardle at JDM X Park...he will be able t hep you with a lessons & a track/car etc Equally Kelly Wong of Sleeka Spares is one of the most established SA female drifters. OLD Mark
  7. New Member from South Africa!

    All are welcome on the forums you are most welcome ! OLD Mark
  8. S14 Sr20det into 180sx build

    WELCOME to the forums...u have ur hand full there don't u...OLD Mark
  9. G'day Guys!

    WELCOME to the forums....thanks for sharing ur ride OLD Mark
  10. new!

    Thanks for the pic & info & welcome to the forums OLD Mark
  11. First Post Introduction

    Good for you....welcome to the forums...what plans do you have for the S15 OLD Mark
  12. Newbie from Sydney

    WELCOME Chantelle ....jump on the NSW forum & meet the locals ...hope you enjoy the forms OLD Mark
  13. Hello

    WELCOME to the forums OLD Mark
  14. Freshmen

    WELCOME to the forums....awesome ride, this old fella has a MY12 S-Edition OLD Mark
  15. "WELCOME back" ...sorry to hear things have been tuff for u....certainly a nice ride now Old Mark
  16. Newbie

    WELCOME to the forums....suggest you throw a post up on the Vic forum page ...they will know any local pitfalls OL Mark
  17. Newbie - Hi There.

    WELCOME to the forums & the JDM scene. The decision on the ride u buy is really a personal choice...look forward to hearing about your choice OLD Mark
  18. Newbie starting a S13 2J swap.

    WELCOME to the forums & congrat's on ur project. Would be great to see the pic's as it happens OLD Mark
  19. Many of you were not NS.com/Hardtuned members when we lost Ben. In brief, Ben was a JDM made S13 slider, after writing it off, took his own life, 10yrs ago. Via this form an annual memorial began. His stickers were made from his avatar on this forum & will be available for $5 at the meet. This year Ben's memorial cruise was re-named the Youth Suicide Awareness Cruise, to allow Ben to Rest in Peace.....butthe objective of the cruise & the attending rides will be the same. It now has 2000+ cars attend the meet & cruise, we would love the ongoing JDM representation. Why not join us on Sat 30th Jan 2016 5.30pm on at the Marion Shopping centre Look forward to seeing you there "the OLDS" Mark & Julie Simpson https://www.facebook...on_history=null
  20. 2016 BEN SIMPSON (aka dr1ft_pig13) MEMORIAL CRUISE

    Jump on the FB page, it is posted up there (FB) search 2016 Youth Suicide Awareness Meet & Cruise ...just remember SAPOL will be there too OLD Mark
  21. News Silvia '99

    WELCOME to the forums...have a look through the sil tech forum & ur local state forum OLD Mark
  22. New Member - Melbourne

    WELCOME to the forums...luv ur ride OLD Mark
  23. New member

    WELCOME to the forums...thanks for the pic's, OLD Mark
  24. New Member from Sydney NSW

    WELCOME to the forums.....luv ur ride, congrat;s....what r ur plans.. ? mods ? OLD Mar
  25. Hey from Melbourne

    WELCOME to the forums.....great ride for a daily OLD Mark