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  1. Micks motorsport

    saw your car on the dyno the other day, looks sweet man. got my car work and tuned there, it made 254kw on a td06 at 20psi on pump, top bloke and well priced.
  2. 2 tone S13 ca18det 210 rwkw.

    go rb!
  3. hey guys ive got a r32 GTR diff in my car runs a 4.1 cp ratio, i also have a spare 4.3 cp ratio from a cadet 180sx here is the cp ratio switchable between the two diffs? i wouldnt see why they wouldnt be but id like to confirm with anyone out there before i do.
  4. what material is the piping made out of? and did you order off the USA or NZ page? looking at getting one just finding if theres a saving to be made off the shipping.
  5. yea saw a 3076r came up for sale a while ago was tempted to buy it, even a precision 5557 would be nice though the price of these kinugawa turbos are pretty hard to pass up. e85 havent really considered it an option yet.
  6. hey, looking at one of the td06sl2 20g going highmounted, ext gate im hoping for around ~300kw, with supporting mods, forged motor, poncams+ ported head, 850cc map tune with bp98ron would the 8cm housing be sufficient or the 10cm? currently have a hks gtrs making around 240
  7. also note, canterbury rd cross section and king georges.. turning right after the red light people still get flashed happens more often then you know it.
  8. wat the eff its the gearbox now?
  9. D-LUX 326POWER S13 Custom headlights!

    shane get my coilies and go otomoto and get hsd springs =) you know u love the jap stuff
  10. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted this morning on princess hwy, white 180sx with chromes in a 3 car pile up behind was a big semi trailer... =\
  11. Tuners in NSW.. Hils Area.. North..

    mrc in the hills industrial area. good tuners!
  12. more power on them tiny rims? intense man.