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  1. Does anyone know if there has been a date set for android ifruit? I need to train this dawg!
  2. Are nissan silvias fast?

    Was driving the Mrs stock S14 last weekend and it kept up with the Ford F6 (or what ever its called) off the lights. Didnt realise he even wanted to show me up as her car is bone stock. Makes me wonder what would have been if I had put effort into a launch... or in my S14 This being said I feel stock body cars are looking a bit dated but some JDM factory kit is quick to boost the visual appeal.
  3. Haven't lost it over a game this hard since the last GTA or waiting for a new FM!
  4. Should I buy this S14

    Im about to put my partners car up for sale, Completely standard, manual, 150k on the clock, series 2 S14 and wait for it... factory pearl white but I not sure if it will be in your price range. You can PM me if you would like more details.
  5. what are you playing?

    Just got Dead rising 1 and 2, bit disappointed with the first one. The controls just suck! Hoping the second will be a bit better.
  6. Any SLRR (Street Lega Racing Redline) fans here ?

    Anyone know where I can download this from?
  7. Gran Turismo 6 announced

    Will they release this on PS4 do you think? Or will it be PS3 only?
  8. COD: Ghosts

    The activision COD's have always been shmeh
  9. WTF

    Hahaha that thing was built more than ten years ago I can tell you that! More like 15! Was on the cover of the first Hot4's mag that I got. I would have been 13 and I still remember thinking dafuq is with that kit! How much cash do you think this poor guy invested?
  10. 30 year video game collection on ebay

    Did you click on the relisted link? top of the page...
  11. 30 year video game collection on ebay

    Holy crap someone has bid on it for $550k!
  12. COD: Black Ops 2

    I've been getting it when the match is loading to begin.
  13. I got the PS3 the day it came out, dropped $1200 bucks that day and then had no games to play for like another six months! Aaahh young and dumb, wont be making that mistake again... unless its for an xbox 720 but this being said I'll still suss out the game range first!
  14. Just pull yours out and use a multi meter? or do you suspect they are tripping balls when the car warms up? Im going through the same thing atm. Does you car flat spot and jitter around when ever the hell it feels like it?
  15. Price : $1,000 Condition : Good Hey guys after a set of 350z anniversary wheels in good condition. With or without tyres is fine as long as the tyres arn't rubbish. Message me with details!