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  1. Cricket

    If England win the Ashes I am never watching or playing Cricket again. Oh, I will also cut my Dick off and throw it in a lake.
  2. australias worst tv show

    The Farmer Wants a Wife. What were they thinking
  3. Anyone play golf here?

    My bag: Srixon W-302 8.5* Driver Titleist 975F 13.5* 3 Wood Maxfli Australian Blades 3-PW Cleveland 900 series 52,56,60* wedges ( 1 chrome, 2 rusty ) Fisher soft feel putter ( blue insert one ) Best combination I've had as I've had a few sets.
  4. Just got a Punching Bag

    Thanks mate, I've already been doing quite a bit of what you already mentioned and it's working well. I'll put some of your other ideas into practice.
  5. Just got a Punching Bag

    I didn't get the bag to learn how to fight, I got it to get fit. The bag didn't cost me anything I got it off a mate who doesn't use it. I've done 2 20minute sessions on it so far, I was wrecked after it haha.
  6. Just got a Punching Bag

    Thanks guys I'll do some research.
  7. Bonjour, Just got a punching bag and some gloves for myself as I'm looking to get a bit fitter and stronger in the upper body as I may be joining the Army in the near future. What is the best way to punch/kick it?? Should I work-out on it as if I'm working out on a person? haha Should I hit it softer but do lots of punches? Help Please Mike
  8. plumbers......

    1, how do u find it as a whole? i know its not all shit work that ppl often think but general overall view of your job. It's a fantastic job. The time flies when you are plumbing. 2, whats the best section of it/ is there sub sections of plumbing etc etc There's no 'best' section of plumbing, from drainage, hot and cold, gas, stormy etc. 3,whats the AVERAGE pay a maintenance plumber may get an hour$ Sub-Contractors can expect anywhere from $35.00 and up. Work for yourself and you get as much back from what you put in. ( My old boss was on about $150k, and it was just him and I. ) 4,do you consider it a hard trade to learn. The majority is common sense. But yes, there are some difficult aspects of it and there are a lot of guidelines you have to follow. 5 anything you feel is relevant im all ears. I've said enough. Why don't you see if you can get some work experience on weekends or do a pre-apprenticeship at Tafe.
  9. Camshaft upgrade S14a

    Keeping you're VTC would be the best option. Do the Crowers have a 256 inlet cam, or is it 264 both sides? Valve Springs may not beed to be upgraded depending on the lift. Look at some other Camshafts also including Greddy and Tomei.
  10. FMIC install on a 180sx

    lol you can drive it man.... just dont floor it, because something will go pop
  11. FMIC install on a 180sx

    Weld a nipple on the hot-pipe is another alternative. Until you do this you're car will be free boosting.
  12. really that high? what makes you so confident? As Simon said it's standard for an SR20DET.
  13. hahahaha you have too much spare time
  14. The Taken Intern Girl

    Just put a smile on you're dial and invite her somewhere. ie. minigolf