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  1. WTB: 180SX Type X - manual

    anyone else? would like to see what other options there are
  2. WTB: 180SX Type X - manual

    Thanks Maq23, i've msged you.
  3. WTB: 180SX Type X - manual

    Hi, like the title suggests, interested to see whats out there locally instead of having to go through the hassles of finding one to import from japan. Would prefer a 1998 type x with sunroof and low K's but willing to consider upto 96 models. NON accidents only though just show me what you got and for how much, money isn't an issue for the right car! extra points if its in midnight purple cheers!
  4. 93 180sx s14 motor

    pics mate?
  5. WTB: 180SX Type X manual upto $12k

    damn that sucks, well lets see if anyone is willing to sell
  6. WTB: 180SX Type X manual upto $12k

    got a thread to yours by any chance? id like to see and compare with ones i find
  7. WTB: 180SX Type X manual upto $12k

  8. SOLD

    more pics?
  9. Hi everyone, keen to buy a nice clean 180sx manual willing to pay UPTO around $8-12k depending on quality.. must be manual, preferably low kms (<150xxx) if it has factory sunroof is a plus Please post pics and deets willing to travel for the right car cheers!